[Poll] Build over and build under limit!

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Should we be allowed to build over at a height of 10 and under the road if we have side by side res'

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Yes! 43 vote(s) 86.0%
No! (Why? - Post!) 7 vote(s) 14.0%
  1. Hi Guys/ Girls/ dark_Liz's :p,

    This is just an idea, but it concerns the people that have 4 residences in a block or people that have side by side res's.

    The just of it is that I want to know what you all think about having the build over limit reduced to 10 blocks high, and having the ability to dig under the road between adjacent res's. That is if you own the res next door to you. (no system would be necessary to check if you own the res next door. But a limit of building out by two would still apply here.)

    The reason I am proposing this idea is because for all the large scale builders out there, the height of 126 is just to high for a build over, having a lower one would have many benefits.

    Take B4dman5imon's res's on smp2 for example. He has done a marvelous job with creating a very uniquely themed build. However in lots of places in the res's he had to enlist the help of ICC to do the building over and under the road. A laborious task in itself for an admin to do. With the reduced height and ability to build under the road, the amount of work needed to be done by an admin can be severely reduced.

    From this, more epic builds can be done! Surely this is something of great benefit to the community?

    So theres my proposal. Please take 2 seconds to complete the poll so we can get this some attention :)

    Thanks Guys

    Have a nice Day!

    Important Points from thread Discussion:

    ~ Ignoramoose pointed out that it would be annoying if single res owners could build out by two at this height. How about only gold and above supporters can do this. I don't see anything wrong with this as the only people this would benefit from is gold and above supporters? What do you all think?

    ~ Diamond only perk? Probably would be nice to give it to gold as well, since they can have multiple res's too :)

    ~ There are people with multiple accounts. Maybe after all this shouldn't just be for gold and diamond.

    ~ People see nothing wrong with digging under, it is the height over that is still in hot debate.

    ~ With regards to the height limit. Supporters can build at 10 and non-supporters can build out at 32.

    ~ Issue with blocking peoples view. Possibly remove the use of lava/ water outside your res?

    ~ JUSTINGUY READ ~ How much of a pain would it actually be to change the heights?
  2. Nice idea! Although Im downgrading to iron, this would be wonderful for gold +
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  3. Yes indeed :)
  4. Under is fine with me, and I wouldn't see how that could cause issues. 10 might be a little low for over.

    Don't get me wrong, I'd love to have my 4 res project start connecting at a lower level, but for all those people who have a single res alone, having another res 2 blocks away from the edge of yours starting at block height 10 seems a little too intrusive.
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  5. Ok then, maybe this can be a perk for gold+ being able to build over the edge of your res at this height?

    As in, you would only be able to do this if you were gold or above?
  6. Well you would only have 2+ res for gold or above

    I say only being able to dig under
  7. Fair point, lets let the discussion continue :) Thanks for your feedback!
  8. That makes sense in some fashion, but I still feel like 10 is a little low. Maybe 32 above the ground (so 96 overall) I'd see.
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  9. Let me get back to you, I am going to download a res and do the different heights. I will post some Pics :)

    Well, now there are connection issues, so I am just going to make the res's myself XD
  10. I really like this height limit, I have no intention of building skyscrapers, and it would be really cool if I could connect my adjoining res's with bridges over the main SMP roads. It would do a lot in keeping the flow of the theme. :)
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  11. I also agree that this would be for gold and diamond only.
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  12. This is a great idea! I think we should do this for diamond only... Well, I'm still thinking XD
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  13. Thanks all for the feedback. Thats what makes this community great. Good constructive debates :)
  14. Guys it would obviously be only for diamond and gold, ONLY THEY CAN HAVE MULTIPLE RES UNDER ONE ACCOUNT
  15. Probably would be nice to give it to gold as well, since they can have multiple res's too :)
  16. Hmm, what about multiple account holders? Should we still leave it as a supporter perk? That way it is an incentive to support?
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  17. And! (sorry multi-post) I think 10 is fine- 32 is still pretty high- I mean there should be a minimum, say 3-4 blocks that the bridge or w/e needs to clear the road by, at its full width, so that it isn't actually blocking it in any fashion, but yeah- maybe different height limits per supporter status?
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  18. In my opinion this should be the rundown

    Diamond: Can build under connecting residences and 32 blocks over there residence.

    Gold: Can only build under connecting residences.

    To MR2R2M Supporter only, new perk
  19. As stated above yours, 32 is still pretty high. Let me get the pics of the differing heights, one moment guys :)
  20. Maybe if both accounts are the same support status, they would have matching height requirements to bridge to each other. And say if one is gold, and one is diamond, the lowest account level is the limiting factor.