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Which G6 starter will you be getting?

Chespin 13 vote(s) 38.2%
Fennekin 9 vote(s) 26.5%
Froakie 12 vote(s) 35.3%
  1. So aside from all the hype going on because of GTAV, Nintendo fans like me are really excited for Pokemon X and Y. They've added so much to it, like Mega Evolution and being able to choose one of the original starters. So anyone who wants to discuss it or has any news about it, this is the place. So what are you looking forward to the most, and which one are you planning on getting, X or Y?
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  2. Hmm. What do you suggest? I think maybe X.
  3. Well personally I'll be getting X because the legendary (Xerneas) looks pretty great., and is a Fairy type where Yvetal on the other hand is just a Flying/Dark type. Oh and Mega Mewtwo X looks way better than Mega Mewtwo Y in my opinion.
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  4. A) so many jokes i can make about these B) The series has gone downhill, Hart gold and Soul silver where the last TRUE Pokemon games in my opinion, I played though white and didn't feel like i was in a Pokemon game, it lacked the elements that are reminiscent of the good days, instead, and was too "advanced", nto to say i did not like it, it was amassing. I have sorta gravitated away form the series (i say this wile i ware a shirt with a Pikachu on it) , Its one of those 2 way things, it is nice to see games advance, but as they do, they lose they character that had once. IDK, just the opinion of a G3 lotad :) #loyaltogameboySP
  5. I do agree the 5th gen was kind of a downgrade, but I don't know, I think Gamefreak is introducing new elements to Pokemon, and I think it will be successful.
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  6. I do not play pokemon anymore. It is a thing of the third grade. That was six years ago.
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  7. I have never seen a more false statement in my life.:(
  8. That's a shame.
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  9. You forgot the most important thing!

  10. I see adults play Pokemon.

    WOWOWOWO, Back up , WHAT????
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  11. Oh yeah! That seems cool. I hope you can customize your character to look like other trainers from past games, I'd love to play in the Kalos region as Red.
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  12. how could you not like emerald?
    I need to get around to reserving X and finishing white 2 :p
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  13. can't choose between PSVITA or 3DS...
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  14. What, is pokemon going to do all the letters of the alphabet in reverse now?

    And Emerald was the best game I have EVER played, I don't know why but I'm just a fan of original games, plus the Pokemon were actually inspired of real/nature based creatures, I just I just don't like that Pokemon has go to the extremes, making a Pokemon out of kitchen appliances?...Really?!
    This is how you do laundry:
    1. Spin cycle
    2.Wash cycle
    3.And Dry cycle
    Afterwards I might Cut the lawn or grab a soda from my fridge, oh wait, it's Rotom...
  15. If chespins final evolution is obese, I'm picking froakie...
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  16. geodude was just a rock with arms, YOU go try and make over 600 pokemon all based on animals while being original
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  17. I actually agree a bit with boozle here. It got a bit too young for my age, and I just started to play minecraft...
    So... Yea. Also, i don't even know what the types and looks of the pokemon starters for this game, but i choose the fire one :p
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  18. Pffft, hypocrite.:p
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  19. What... I'm sorry, after they started to make black and white 2, I was done.
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  20. I think Poekemon is pretty cool. I think their "if it isn't broke" idea kind of ruined it. It is basically the same game with different textures. Just like if Minecraft made a new official texture pack and added a couple advancements and called it Minecraft 2. I know this is an over generalization but the core hasn't changed at all.

    In other news I think Pokemon X and Y might be good. It shakes things up pretty well and adds some cool stuff.
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