Pokemon; Omega Ruby or Alpha Saphhire?

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  1. Hey guys! As you all know, the new pokemon games will be coming out on November 21st.

    Which game will you all be getting and why? I'm personally getting Omega Ruby because I've always loved Groudon, and since my main pokemon is always Blaziken, I fair better against Team Magma rather than Team Aqua :p
  2. Omega Ruby, simply because I played Pokemon Ruby and want that nostalgia. I know it's practically the same game, but whatever, I guess I like rubies better.
  3. Both? :D
    But I will probably play Omega Ruby first because Groudon
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  4. I thought of creating a thread like this one by inspiration from someone else who did the same for Pokemon X and Y, but I never did.

    Anyway, my preference out of this upcoming pair is Alpha Sapphire. I find Kyogre to be more offensive on its own than Groundon. In fact, Kyogre being more offensive seemed to remain true prior to these games because its water-type moves' power gets boosted by Kyogre's own type as well as the rain it summons.

    Groundon in its primal form aquires the complimentary fire type for the harsh sunlight it produces, however fire punch is the only physical attack I know of that will gain two power bonus in the same way Kyogre does already with its water-type moves. Another option for Groundon is to build it as a dual-attacking Pokemon with moves like earthquake or its new signature move which I can tell already is a ground-type move, solar beam and fire blast.

    *This post was typed within 15 minutes!
  5. Alpha sapphire, since I remember how much time I spent playing sapphire, wish I still have it. Also simply because my favorite color is blue :p
  6. I would probably like to get Omega Ruby just cuz I like all the "redish" themed stuff, and because of groudon, but I would be happy with whichever I get ^.^
  7. Alpha Sapphire because I had Sapphire as a kiddy.
  8. Primal Kyogre does look at least ten times better than Primal Groudon.
    Maybe if I can get enough money I'll buy both.
  9. I happen to not be getting one... I don't like the super 3d animated ones... they just don't work right. I don't like em.

    Get ruby or sapphire, you will likely get much more enjoyment out of one of them :p
  10. Original Ruby and Sapphire don't have Cosplay Pikachu.
  11. I know. But rube and sapphire are not over animated and you can play me on my old game boy sp. ;)
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  12. I see your point, but to me the "over-animation" just makes the game feel more realistic and alive! That's why I'm so excited to return to the generation where I started! As for ruby or sapphire, I'll probably decide when the GameStop clerk ask me which I want and I'm forced to decide. But I will probably choose ruby because as a kid my first team was all fire types and if I want to get nostalgic and recreate that team, it probably won't fare well against team aqua.
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  13. A lot of Pokemon fans I find judge a Pokemon by its appearance more than anything else about them.
    My opinions towards Pokemon are usually well-supported by facts.
    When it comes to likes, favorites and dislikes, I want to know WHY I like, favorite, or dislike something. For example: I continue playing Game Freak's Pokemon games because the series offers a lot of customization for Pokemon parties.
  14. I wasn't just judging Kyogre over Groudon in looks, I was also talking about their stats. I can see many good matchup sand parties for this new form of Kyogre.
  15. I will get Omega Ruby. I am so siked for that Mega Rayquaza haha. It looks so sweet. :)
  16. I'm getting Omega Ruby because of the same reason mman2832 mentioned. My starter, as well as most of my pokemon on my team, is usually either fire, ground, or rock which doesn't do so well against water types.

    I got an event code so I'll be able to transfer my Shiny Gengar and my Diancie into my OR game c: both will be able to mega-evolve too.
  17. Sorry, but I don't play Pokemon :3 My dad doesn't like it.
  18. :eek: How could your dad not like it?! It's so fun.
  19. I have the original sapphire and emerald .... so i haven't technically played ruby yet... I like the look of the blue handheld better because I like blue :), but i'd prefer getting ruby version just for the game...
  20. Considering the franchise, from a technical point of view, does promote young children leaving home, enslaving creatures and forcing them to fight and talk to total strangers, I can see why some people wouldn't like it.