Pokemon Go is out! :O

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by TheB3stUsername, Jul 13, 2016.

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  1. Hey minecrafters, I posted this because of all the exitement about the new game, Pokemon Go.
    It works by using a GPS to track your phone's location while letting you catch pokemon and stop at interesting spots called pokestops to get rewards. You can take over a gym and try to defend it with your amazing pokemon. I would like you to post videos of your experience on pokemon go here. :p
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  3. I do not own pokemon go, but I have watched videos and I know how it works.
  4. then you shouldn't make a second thread about it...

    that clogs things up, if there was already a thread about it... reply to that thread, don't make your own because you felt like it? :mad: it is even in the rules not do to this....


    this is why there is a search function, so you can search for things and then already have something you're looking for instead of starting a pointless thread when one is already established

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  5. Closed this thread but feel free to join in on the discussion/share, just in the links above :)
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