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where do you get the plot map

Youtube 8 vote(s) 42.1%
a website 15 vote(s) 78.9%
Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. where do you get these plot maps from and what plugins do you have
    give me the file
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  2. Plot maps? Do you mean live map? Perhaps you mean the world file for the plots?
    And all the plugins are custom-tailored (or made) by our resident god, Justin. You'd have a pretty hard time getting most of them.
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  3. I like the demand! Give me the file!

    It take's all of 5 minutes to create the map using mcedit or something similar.
  4. ...Or else!
  5. Cue the "All your base belong to us", meme.
  6. Well you dont get it from a website, you go take it out of a book at your local library:) I hope i have helped meet your demands:) Also, i too thought that if you watched a video it would magically be downloaded onto my hard drive!!!!!!:)
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  7. You mean a plat map? Where I live, you get these at your county courthouse.
  8. world file for the plots that's what im talking about give me the file
  9. Yeah no. Justin wont be giving you the file for the plots.

  10. hes the owner
  11. You don't say picture in
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  12. Go to for the link :p
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  13. We know, we deciphered your poor grammar.
    We also knew this too, but I guess its good you know!
    Justin! I demand the chat logs give me the chat logs!
  14. You are a very funny person TheGelb, if you think you can simply ask for a world map from one of the biggest and best rated server then you must be in something cause its not easy as "give me the file" plus you are not even asking politely.

    If you would like the world file go learn Java and make your own world generating plugin.
  15. What would you do if I said no?
  16. Probably wet his adult diapers:p
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  17. You might want to edit that poll to make the only answer "Nowhere"....:p
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  18. Yeahbudie.jpg
    Nuff said. Also this.
    R U SERIOUS.jpg
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  19. HAHA I had a pretty good laugh at this post and its responses ! another job well done :p
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  20. My sister and I used to play this game where we flipped our ages backwards so we would be older or younger than the other. We could probably use this to see his real age (based on his posts). So if his profile says 31, that would be 13 :)
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