Please to meet you, i hope you guess my name

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  1. Not the Devil. I'm just Vackstone. A humble man with a principle... to have fun.
    And i'm a serious worker. So, i'm new to this server and i'm trying to break the ice.
    I'm from Brazil (i know, i'm sorry, ehhe). So i'm already apologizing myself if my english is bad or my gramar is weak... english is not my first language. I will follow the rules and try to be as polite as possible.
    Then, that's me. I'm a classic rocker, as some people might notice (at least someone who happens to like the rolling stones, like i do :D ) and i work (yes, i have 29 years old... ) with communication (i work for a union, comercial workers union to be more exact... i make their newspaper, take pictures and sometimes, almost everytime, do the more "social-political" work, and also help with administration work. I play minecraft for 2 years (vídeo games and computers have been in my life since mid 90's). and i only played in brasilian servers (some usa and uk servers too, but never too much) and i can say, in brasil, people are not as polite as in foreign lands. So, that's it... any questions? Well, i guess not. hehe
    Then see you guys. I hope we all get along. :)
  2. Welcome to the Empire!

    If you need any help, feel free to ask me or anyone else here :)
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  3. Thanks for replying and the offer. I'll make sure to ask if i need to.
    Thanks again :)
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  4. Welcome to EMC, Hope to see you around :D
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  5. Hello I am FoxyRavenger and I am dang near the oldest emc player that is active. I reside either smp7 or smp1 so if you want to talk to old Foxy, I am here :)
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  6. Seja bem-vindo ao Empire Vackstone. Se precisar de algo pode pedir, será mais do que um prazer em ajuda-lo.
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  7. Welcome!
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  8. Welcome to EMC :)
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  9. Glad to see another fellow Brazilian!
    Bem-vindo :D
  10. Hi Vackstone. Welcome to the Empire. Enjoy your stay. :)
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  11. Welcome! What smp you landed on?
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  12. Thanks Tahitan! I will try to hang out hehe
    Hi FoxyRavenger. Thanks for the ...warm welcome hahhahahha :D
    I will sure drop by. Thanks again!
    Hi Mercenaries2009, thanks man! Valeu cara, obrigado aí pelas boas vindas. E que a força esteja com você. Panetone... Mas é panetone ou chocotone? Se for chocotone... bora pro lado negro ahahahhahah E obrigado por oferecer ajuda. Se precisar eu peço, obrigado! :) Se precisar de mão de obra só me chamar kkkkk

    Thanks kevdudeman!
    Thank you my fair Lady Jaye. :)
    Your humble servant, at your service.
    Ha Thanks ItsMeMatheus! Também fico feliz cara, já conheci 2 brasileiros. A gente tem que se unir pra melhorar nosso nome gamer mundo a fora. ahahahah (por isso das desculpas que eu pedi quando disse que era brasileiro, heheh)
    Thanks FWRonald. Sure, i will enjoy every second of it. THanks again!
    Thanks for the welcome fBuilderS... Well, what smp? I got to check it out... i don't remember now. But anyway, thanks. I will see what smp i landed then i reply here.

    I saw it now, i landed on SMP 6.
  13. Welcome to the Empire :) SMP6 is a nice place, enjoy!
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  14. Thanks FDNY21. I'm making my house right now... man, i'm having trouble with the roof... hahhaha
    I'm used to fly in creative, and i'm trying to make a good looking house...and the roof...ah...
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  15. You'll have to make some temporary stairs then! Keep at it, I'm sure it'll look great :)
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  16. Yeah, i made it man. It was hard work, but i think i got a nice result...
    Here's my house:
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  17. Im late but oh well Welcome to the empire.
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  18. I have been a Minecraft player for 5-6 years and I still cannot build that well.

    Welcome to the Empire.
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  19. Looks great! Good job Vack, glad to see you building some interesting things here on the Empire :)
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  20. Never too late to be a good fella! thanks DrMadFate!
    Thank you StoneSky. Well, i confess i saw some tutorials, but i never based on any. Just follow some nice hints, like build some "boxes", then put some frames (wood or any nice looking stone)... and then putting some details to it... A slab or a stair... here and there... But i got much to learn. That's my minecraft playstyle... explore, mine and build. I don't like much pvp...

    Thanks FDNY21. I'm trying my best ! :)
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