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  1. That thing, in the rectangle, i do not like that thing. Looks hideous and is stupid. Bothers me so much. I get things like "Crackers Asian Women Toenail Clippers" and I cannot stand it. Pain to look at it. Aikar, please bleach our eyes or remove that advert...

    EDIT: I have been searching for crackers but not asian women or toe nail clippers. I have too many toenail clippers ._.

    EDIT AGAIN: This isn't inappropriate but is really weird.
  2. Yea i noticed this too >.<
    Dont really like it too much
  3. I have this little box.. Strange place to put it :rolleyes:
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  4. As well as the ads just under the thread title.
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  5. That's scary.
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  6. mines all computer nerd stuff and rated r things :/ makes me feel like a sad individual
  7. I have chrome so I just installed an adblock plugin. There's plenty and work great :3
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  8. Teach me your adblock ways :eek:
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  9. I use this. Only works for Chrome. I believe there's one for Firefox as well, may have to look it up.
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  10. Guys, the adverts are helping support the server and Aikar recently blocked all of the sexual ones which brought us down -40% in advert revune. Also, I believe promoting Adblock is against the rules Haro.
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  11. I'm going to work on the style in a minute, but I want to try to see how these perform - as once we blocked those bad ads, ad revenue dropped by near 50%....

    Are you needing Nail Clippers by chance lol? Google serves ads it thinks your potentially interested in....
  12. Google ads work just as well as Google+, my friend. Both suck horribly.
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  14. Wait I just read Aikar's thread
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  15. You guys put them in the most annoying places though :\
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  16. Does that allow me to just block one ad area per website? Because I don't mind the other ads, and will use them if I see something interesting (I get a lot of Newegg ones), so I would rather not get rid of everything.

    I find the new ad bar rather invasive. The other ads are around the edge of the site, but this one is inside the main portion that I personally use.
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  17. I have been searching for crackers but I have not been searching for anything involving "asian women" and no, I have enough to nail clipper's thank you very much.
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  18. I didn't position them, and FYI, I'm the one nagging Aikar right now. :p
  19. ; - ; I feel kinda bad about using an adblock now
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  20. Although it finds things you are interested in, it does not filter out all hoax sites from your searches - for example, typing into google "[game] free mod download" then it may come up with some of the actual downloads, but some sites are silly and put in bugs or nail clippers to set out to destroy your PC if you do not realise that the download is a fake :p
    I think that makes sense? I unno, but yeah, most of these ads are okay, but there are the odd few that can be strange :rolleyes:
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