Please find this thread for me

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  1. Hi there! I'd like someone to give me a link to a thread. I believe it's called Hitchhiker's Guide to the End, but for some reason, it doesn't come up in my search. I can't remember who posted it either. Could someone help me find it?
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  3. Lets just say the search bar never works.
    Even if you put the exact words and use the advanced search setting, you get...nothing. -_-

    If you want to keep track of certain threads, click the watch thread button at the top right corner of the thread. :)
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  4. It's in my signature :p
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  5. If you come across a thread which you find interesting and want to keep track off then click on the "watch thread" option in the upper right corner, directly above the first post. This will place it in your "watched threads" section, which you can reach using your user menu: scroll all the way up and you'll see your username on the top right (your inbox and your alerts are right behind it).

    Now hover your mouse over it and a menu should appear, then click "watched threads" (option in the right column of links).

    By default this will show you all watched threads with new contents. If you need more you can click "show all watched threads" on the bottom of the page.

    This can help you to keep track of any interesting thread you come across.

    Hope this can help too.
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  6. It works almost all the time lol
  7. It sometimes works. In the past, typing "struggle" would not get me to the the struggle is real thread, but now it does find it...