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Please select this if you play (a list so people know who they can play)

List of people who play 12 vote(s) 60.0%
List of people who don't play 8 vote(s) 40.0%
  1. Player Swaps are a trading game using signed books. You can sell and trade these books but do not post buying/selling threads for these cards as that discussion should be made on this page or in-game. Please note the only legitimate cards are signed by me.

    Where can I get them from?
    You can obtain them at events that I run. I will also donate some to big or small drop parties do give them away, you may also trade with other people. They can be bought from HF Industries' print press located at 11314

    How much do they cost to buy?
    Regular ~ 100r
    Limited edition ~ 500r
    Rare ~ 1,000r
    Very-rare ~ 2,000r
    Super-rare ~ 5,000r
    Ultra-rare ~ 10,000r
    Prices will fluctuate according to the economy

    Can I get my own?
    Of course you can! To get your own reply fill in this link and 10 of your cards will be released (into the official shop) but you can reserve one of your card for 150r. We only make regular cards per request but special cards will be released. At a point of a promotion (build team, staff e.t.c), ultra-rare cards of that person will be released.

    Ok, but what do they look like?
    The cards are laid out in this order:
    Main server:
    Forum title:
    Skin rating:

    Cool! How do I use them?
    You have the stats on the cards, you pick a stat and if you win you score a point, when you have played you're 7 card deck the person with the most points wins. You can only use a card once. But, before you start the game you have to offer the other person a card if they beat you, and vice-versa. Here are how you tell how to win:
    Amount: Lowest number wins
    Posts: Highest wins
    Likes: Highest wins
    Prominence: Highest wins
    Forum title: Highest wins
    Skin rating: Highest wins
    Status: Furthest along the list wins;
    Regular, Iron Supporter, Gold supporter, Diamond supporter, Retired staff, Special teams, Moderator, Developer, Senior staff, Admin

    Can I help you in any way?
    We need donations of book and quills because for every player who wants a card of themselves we have to use 10 book and quills. Donations of book and quills or materials to make them would be awesome and just set up an access chest somewhere for me to pick them up. A permanent donation chest will be up soon.
    Donation list:
    ShelLuser ~ 15k & book and quills
    CadenMann ~ 7k
    Happy playing!

    Released cards:

    Aikar {staff}
    Birosquinha {regular}
    BurgerKnight {regular}
    CadenMann {regular}
    Crazy_TJ {regular}
    Ethy202 {regular}
    Evesthery {regular}
    fBuilderS {first card}
    fBuilderS {regular}
    FDNY21 {regular}
    HannahEB {regular}
    Krysyy {staff}
    LeoV {regular}
    LtCaptainMe {regular}
    PMSubhan {regular}
    SageCREEPER {regular}
    Salmatic {regular}
    Seanawesome14 {regular}
    ShelLuser {contribution team}
    ShelLuser {regular}
    tuqueque {regular}
    List of upcoming people:

    Awaiting payments from:
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  2. Coolios =D
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  3. The book about you is so bias ;)
  4. Its stat boosted because its an ultra-rare :D
  5. Could you make mine? I would also like to reserve one! Brilliant idea btw. ;)
  6. I...L...O...V...E The Idea
  7. Just another way to make money lol
    Good idea though
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  8. Interesting... how is reputation computed?
    And why does admin lose from every other status? And what happens if both player's stats are the same? And who chooses what stat to battle with?
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  9. Like the idea.... will there be a ltcaptainme book?

    EDIT: can I reserve one too?
  10. Awesome! Hopefully this trading card game will be actually kept up *glares at Cory*. Now a question. 2 Actually. Can I make suggestions and can you make me into an Ultra-Rare because my skin is a Taco and I'm the first to ask to be U-R? xD Thanks!
  11. This shall be very interesting. :)

    I'd love to have one made and reserved (I'll pay on my alt. ;))
  12. I love this idea.

    Could you make one for me, of course I'd like to reserve one.
  13. Typo on thread, fixed it thanks :D
    You guys can battle it out who starts... if you win you then get to pick
    Also guys...
    Donations of book and quills would be awesome, every card requested costs me 10 books so it would be helpful if we had some donations :D
  14. I'm not interested in playing / participating, but I do applaud you for trying to come up with something new and fun to do. So I'd like to help out a bit. I've always got some books / book & quills because I'm a pretty avid user of the in-game mail system, so I'll see if I can donate some.

    But I'd like to ask for a bit more :) I think my specs are pretty good for your game (maybe a little heavy?) so I'd like to ask if I can get 2 releases of my card. One would be for my own private collection and the other can get released in your game. Making the card pretty much as rare as my head is, which I may or may not combine /use when we eventually have a winner (here's assuming there will be an overall winner). In return I'd donate 15k into this. One could argue that I'm buying my card for 15k but I don't see it this way, also because I don't intend to play the game :)

    So taking your card as an example I could imagine something like this (I didn't know all the details, so left some blank):

    Name: ShelLuser
    Amount: 2
    Edition: ?
    Posts: 3064 (12/8)
    Likes: 5664 (12/8)
    Prominence: ?
    Main server: smp2
    Reputation: good
    Forum title: Distuinguished
    Skin rating: ?
    Status: Gold supporter (12/8)

    (or maybe the status is contribution team?)
    Lemme know what you think :)
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  15. Shelly Your Reputation Is Not Good It Is Excellent, Oh Shelly You Will Never Learn.
  16. Make and reserve, make and reserve for me *cheesy music plays*
  17. Made ShelLuser contribution team cards and fBuilderS cards. More coming soon
    EDIT: Completed Crazy_TJ's card
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  18. Do i get one? xD
  19. Haven't requested one
  20. I have now :p