Player horses and dogs left at other players non-town bases

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  1. I'd like to raise a small problem and ask for any ideas on how to solve this.

    I do not appreciate random players leaving their horse or dog in my base. As there is no way for me to remove them from the area. This isn't acceptable, and in a way, it's griefing. It's placing an entity in a build that isn't yours, that the owner is unable to remove.

    Now this normally isn't a huge issue, but sometimes it does affect a players base. A player may not want a dozen horses wandering the streets of their town, or other peoples dogs left sitting in their house for example. These animals also count towards the entity count of the area, and if you get a dozen or more left lying around, it can negatively affect a players build.

    EG. I have a public Iron farm on SMP5, which has a minimum of 160 villagers, plus the random hostiles and animals that spawn around the place. Do chickens still get left after a chicken riding zombie despawns? I often have up to 10 random animals (sheep, cows) spawn nearby, and atm i have 4 player horses, and 2 dogs left in the area. This on top of around 40-50 hostiles nearby quickly reaches towards the entity cap, and stops the iron farm working to full potential.

    So, any idea's on how best to deal with this?

    I am looking for ideas on how owners of an area in the frontiers can remove unwanted pets, but at the same time, to protect the owners of the pets from loosing them. There is currently no automatic way for the game to know who the owner of a piece of land/area is in the frontiers. And ideally, you don't want to be calling on a moderator to sort that out, when they are plenty busy enough sorting out griefing etc. :)

    Perhaps a player can use a command and click an animal to send it back to the owners town residence. If that owner is online, they get a message to say another player wants to send their pet home, click yes to accept, no to keep the animal where it is.
    If the owner isn't online, the animal is automatically sent home to the owners town residence (or vault if they don't have one?).

    Any ideas?
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  2. Why not remove the arbitrary connection between Wild Protection and Dragon Tombs then add a flag to allow/disallow pets to be brought into the protected area or left behind?
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  3. I don't know what Aikar has planned for Frontier protection.

    However, I believe it will have many similarities with town flags, probably using much of the same mechanisms. Hence, it's likely we'll be able to turn off horse use at protected Frontier bases, just like you can in town. But that's just my educated 'guess.

    But that is many months/years away, and it's also not going to help in unprotected Frontier areas. It would be far more useful to have a global system by which players can remove animals that are protected. Just like you wouldn't want someone placing a bedrock block in the middle of your house, you don't want people dumping a protected animal in your house. Both of which cannot be removed by any legal means.
  4. I see what you're saying... Although I can't think of a solution.
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  5. I can see sending animals back to a players res or into their vault being a way players would use to bypass the 100r eggification fee for the /wild. And if there is to be a 100r charge to send the animal back to the player it would not be automatic. What if they don't have the rupees?

    I feel your pain on this one. Animals are left all over the Empire with no sign of ever being moved by an owner. This causes the total entity counts to go up and thus contributes to server lag-imho.
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  6. As far as the random mob spawn goes set lighting out further - tiresome job I know, but keeps them out of the entity count - at my site on smp7, I must have placed something in the region of 2k lights :) Worth the effort though!
  7. You can use leads on horses that don't belong to you and bring them to a different spot, out of the reach of the farm. You can leave a sign for the owner telling them where to pick up the horse. Idk if that works with dogs and other pets.
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  8. That's an excellent current solution. thanks. I'm guessing you cannot use a lead on a sitting dog?

    I plan on building a 'horse ranch' in the plains as part of the farming village, so might incorporate a 'stables' there and stash lost horses.
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  9. Yay! Horse ranch should have stables anyways ;)
    In Carthaga we had to reposition the public stables several times and always used leads. It is just tedious, but for a working iron farm...
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