Planning a "Lets Play" for this Summer

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  1. Hey guys! So currently I'm working on making a LP of Minecraft and plan on doing it over the summer (More time/more convenient.) I may do it in EMC, but I think I might just do single player.
    I kind of want more people to be there though. A lot of Let's plays are fun to watch, but when it's one person it can be kind of boring, especially at the beginning when you have to do all those tedious (for some) chores like getting wood, mining, farming, etc. I plan on having my brother participate, but as you all know, he's a little mic-shy (I'm not really any better haha but we'll fix that right up :p)

    I'm interested in a few (Max of 3) active/"Experienced"/Interesting EMC players that would want to participate. I don't have a Youtube fanbase or anything, so this would kind of be a test-run to see how it flows. The reason I'm looking for experienced players is because LP's can get pretty boring if you are learning as you go. I don't expect you to know everything or nearly everything, but I want you to be able to do single player without the need for creative help. I know next to nothing about redstone, which is one of the reasons that I'm waiting until Summer. I wanna learn a bit more.

    The reason I'm posting it this early is so I can get a little feedback on the idea, see who is interested (if anyone) and see how we'd wanna work this out.

    Here's what I'm looking for if you are interested:
    - Activity throughout the summer.
    - Minecraft knowledge / common sense
    - Maturity
    - Interesting person
    - Somewhat good Microphone
    - Skype (I don't have this one yet haha) I might just use Mumble though. Depends on what's the more effective option.
    - Organization
    - EMC's Allowed Mods
    - Ability to Record
    Reasons why:
    - Activity throughout the summer.
    I don't want to do a Let's Play with someone who is rarely on. I don't expect you to be on for hours everyday, or even every day in general. But I want you to be there for at least a couple hours a week. I understand if something comes up, but if you know in advance you can't be on that much, then you need not join.

    - Minecraft knowledge / common sense
    This one answers itself if you have the latter part of it. I don't want to be with people constantly messing stuff up because they don't know what they are doing. Whether it's from ruining a farm (jumping/falling onto it and leaving it un-tilled) to wasting supplies (Using stuff you don't need / dying multiple times with excess supplies).
    Dying happens. A creeper could drop on you. You could be ambushed. You could fall into lava. I understand that. You should be prepared though. If you are going on a mining trip, you don't need a full set of enchanted diamond tools, multiple stacks of food, and all the iron we have. Take what you need so that you don't end up losing more then you could gain. This is why I want people more experienced. They are more cautious. Again, accidents happen, but the damage they cause depends on you.

    - Maturity
    I don't care if you are 21 or 12. I don't care if you have a deep voice or a higher pitched one. I don't care if you are a boy or a girl. As long as you are mature, I'm happy. I don't want to deal with anything sexual, or excessive foul language. Act like you are on EMC. I'm not a very serious person, I can take a joke, but if you have the above quality of Common sense, you'll know what is or isn't a joke. I don't care if you think sexual jokes are funny or swearing like a sailer is ok. It's not because there might be kids watching, it's because myself and my brother both don't appreciate that. If you want to act like that then great, keep it to yourself.

    - Interesting Person
    I don't want to do a Let's Play with a Wall. Talk to us, ask questions, tell stories, tell us about you! It's not fun for anybody if your just THERE. Be engaging and make help liven it up! If you can't use a mic then I don't expect you to talk constantly, but it would be nice if you were listening in with people and offering your opinion when you can.

    -Somewhat good microphone.
    If I can't understand what your saying because your mic is complete crap, then either try fixing it or stick to typing. If it doesn't pick everything up, it garbles what you say, or it just sucks in general, please don't persist in using it. If you hear someone with a bad mic, it takes away from an otherwise joyful experience. This only applies if you plan on talking (Obviously)

    - Skype/Mumble
    We can't talk / you can't listen if you don't use what we use. This matters whether or not you use a mic. (We could possibly use other programs, such as steam but quality is worse)

    If you've ever been part of one of my wild outposts, you'll know that I hate when things aren't organized. I spend a lot of time making stuff look good, and I don't want you just dumping your stuff because you are to lazy to take a little time to put it in the appropriate chests. It may not seem like a big deal, but to me it is.

    -EMC's Allowed Mods
    I don't want anything that could take away from the game. Minimaps are fine. Xrays aren't. You should know what is/isn't allowed.

    -Ability to Record
    Basically this will allow people (From EMC or just youtube) to see how everything is done. It allows someone the full experience, and different points of view. You'll be able to provide your own commentary as well when not talking to other people. This isn't necessary, but I would strongly recommend it.

    You may be thinking, "Wow, he's asking a lot. What's in it for me?"

    Well first off it's a chance for a different Minecraft experience. It could possibly renew and old fire in your heart for Minecraft that has been lost over time.
    You'll be with a (Hopefully) mature mini-community and have a people to play survival with.
    You'll be THE first (Besides me) to hear my brothers voice! Remember ISMOOCH's stream where he got many people to encourage my brother to talk, but he refused? Well unlike ISMOOCH I can make him speak. Make him. By force. Muahaha.

    There's more I'll end up adding. None of this is set in stone yet and I've got 3 - 3 1/2 months to iron out / add details.

    There will not be any "I mined this so it's mine!" We are playing a survival based game. If you don't want to share then don't apply. If you find diamond / have diamond tools/armor then what you do with it is up to you, though I'd encourage you share it. If you don't want to, keep it in an ender chest (Which we'll get hopefully pretty quickly.)

    Thanks for reading this and I hope some of ya'll are interested.

    *I decided to make this post after watching Heyaroo's video which I would recommend for you all. Link:
  2. Wow this sounds like you'll have lot's of fun! I could perhaps (if your interested) jump in here and there to play in the series although probably not all the time :( Good luck with the let's play :D
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  3. I haven't put much thought into "guest/repeated" visitors but I'll make sure to and see how I could make it work well :D
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  4. I'm interested ^_^
    I have a Skype account, but my mic is rubbish :l
    I know most crafting recipes but I'm not to good with recent things
    I'm a fast typer so I'd be able to keep talking, but I am quite slow when it comes to building things/getting things done :c
    I would host a server, but it's really laggy :confused:

    Restoring that old flame for Minecraft would be great :p
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  5. Mic being bad isn't a problem if you'll still communicate :D
    Same with me. I can craft basically anything, but making anything redstone work... that's a different story.
    I don't have a deadline set for anything. If you start a project then take your time with it. Quality is better then anything rushed :p
    If it would be really laggy I'd probably resort to something else. Minecraft has brought up the idea of servers they host that I could just pay for and that seems like a good alternative
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  6. - Activity throughout the summer. Not much, 2 week holiday MAX but am on roughly 4 hours a day other than that
    - Minecraft knowledge / common sense I am very sensical (if that is a word) and know lots about minecraft, not too good with stuff like redstone though...
    - Maturity Quite mature, sometimes make bad jokes but that is just my special defect of my personality (bad asin crossing the road jokes not sexual) Swear in real life but never on youtube, ruins the watching if it is just the commentator swearing 24/7
    - Interesting person I think...
    - Somewhat good Microphone turtle beach X11, sometimes a bit quiet... But can fix that with a booster.
    - Skype got it
    - Possibly the ability to host a server. Can host a server for £10 a month, that will be all we will need it for right?
    - Organization I hate unorginised things, It makes my OCD kick in.
    I think that is me applying done...
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  7. 2 week holiday? Like 2 weeks of absolutely no minecraft or sporadic activity?
    I think sensical is a word. Nonsensical is.
    Bad jokes are fine (Bad as in just humorless haha.) My dad has the worst jokes. When I was younger:
    "Dad, I'm hungry." "I didn't know your name was Hungry!"
    I don't know much about what mic is good or isn't, I just base it off how it sounds, not who made/what type so I don't know if it is a good mic or not :p
    It may be £10. I think it's like 20 USD, but I'm not exactly sure.
    Organization is the best :D
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  8. Does that mean I am accepted?
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  9. I'm not going to accept/decline people this early in the process. I could accept you now, but come June something may have come up. Or I could accept a bunch of people and something come up for me and I may be unable to participate enough. If I don't accept/decline I don't feel locked in :p

    Edit: If I were accepting now then I would probably say yes.
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  10. Fair enough, I doubt something will come up for me but you could aswell and as there would be 2 others it is a good idea not to accept.
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  11. craz, im down. i fit all requirements.... BAM haha
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  12. You're trying to kill me, aren't you?

    Terrible person.
  13. I like that idea.
  14. love the idea! unfortunately i start basic combat training June 3 so i (probably) won't be able to join you on your crusade, BUT! i do pay for a dedicated server and you are more than welcome to use it, also i own a team speak 3 server that you may use as well (with my internet teamspeak 3 is better than Skype) if your still doing it around august then i definitely plan on joining you!
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  15. I second that motion!

    I am interested in this and it sounds like it could be a lot of fun!

    - Activity throughout the summer. I should be pretty active throughout the summer
    - Minecraft knowledge / common sense. I have a lot! Haha. Been playing since Alpha!
    - Maturity. Mature, in most situations
    - Interesting person. I am a tomato, need I say more?
    - Somewhat good Microphone. You could say "somewhat" haha
    - Skype (I don't have this one yet haha) I might just use Mumble though. Depends on what's the more effective option. Yes, I have a Skype. Bet you can't guess my username!
    - Possibly the ability to host a server. Nope, sorry :p
    - Organization. Ehhh, kinda.
    - EMC's Allowed Mods. Yes, a couple. I can list them if needed.
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  16. Oh Crazy.. Why don't we just do a let's play series together? :D
  17. When I figure everything out on my side then yes!
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  18. Also, what recording program do you use? It didn't seem laggy at all. I have Fraps and Camtasia for editing, but I always lag haha
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  19. Are crazy1080 and 1800 the same people? I put down the wrong person for my giveaway if they arent...
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  20. lol, no, they are brothers
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