Pix from the Raaynn Forest

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  1. Well, I have never really viewed this far down in the forums before, and was drawn to Fendy's foto thread, and shortly after Nathan's wildlife thread here

    So I thought I'd run a thread also, as I may have a few too many to fit in his thread. I have always loved photography, as well as wildlife. Fortunately I have had ample opportunity to view lots of creatures over the years, and it will likely take some time to dig through to find some of my favorites, so I thought I'd start with a mix.

    Always liked to use Canon, and I switched to digital when I lost all my photos in a flood, and stayed with canon to use my same lenses. Currently I use a Canon 7D with a few versatile telefoto lenses, so i don't have to carry so many as before...

    Hope you enjoy :)

    White Bengal Tiger

    Howler Monkey

    Three Toed Sloth

    Crowned Motmot

    Grizzly bear with cub
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  2. Holy wowzerz! This is absolutely amazing! So much TALENT :eek:
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  3. Gee, thanks a lot Fexu... but really I'm just an amateur photographer.
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  4. No problem, Seriously you're very talented! :)
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  5. OMG! The sloth! They are my absolute favorite! These are all goregous pictures though great job my friend!!
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  6. Wait, did you take these? Quite the exotic animals, not native or found close to anywhere I've been. if you did take them, you did a fine job, but there is room for improvement.
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  7. Yes, i know. Thats why I is a amateur. And yes, they are my fotos. Lots more to come in time.
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  8. One for Christmas

    Haven't found my original file yet, but have a scan still. Always loved this one as I was driving home one night, and lo and behold this beauty was just sitting by the side of the road.

    Funny part is... I didn't even have my camera! So I took a chance to drive home, grab it, and come back to get the shots... talk about luck. She was still there and I managed to get a couple decent ones.
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  9. do you travel a lot or do you just find all those animals nearby? :eek:
    amazing btw :D
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  10. I used to travel a lot, but also lived in several countries, and this was close to a past home.
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  11. Cats are by far my favorite animal... well, wildcats that is. Unfortunately most of my lion/tiger shots were destroyed, but have several others... most from rehab centers and reserves.

    Cougar (... or Puma... or Mountain lion... 'pendin where yer frum)


    Jaguar (not the car fendy....)


    Tigrillo (old an sleepy, size of a housecat)

    But Tigers still stand as my absolute favorite... if I can find any more of my salvaged shots i will post them....
  12. For my friend xSkitzie, some more sloths :)


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  13. A little something for those who like to monkey around...

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  14. These picture are awesome! Keep up the good work :)
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  15. Been so long since I posted here... :D

    Time to add some bird files also....

    Baltimore Oriole- in Monteverde 2024

    White Crowned Parrot, 2020 Costa Rica

    Summer Tanager, 2020 Costa Rica
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  16. Wow, these are amazing!

    Not sure how I managed to miss this thread until now. I'm glad that you revived it! :D
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