Wildlife Photo Thread

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  1. His thread is for anyone who has photos of wildlife and are willing to share it. Here is a few of mine:
    these photos are the closest I have ever been to a deer! and with
    Enjoy posting!
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  2. Bump! :) anyone can post pictures!
  3. Mature female California Kingsnake.


    Staring contest.

    And lastly, my little lady displaying Mowgli, my African Sand Boa.

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  4. SNEKKK!!!!
  5. Trip to Cozumel

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  6. ok well I have posted this a thousand times but it's a picture I'm very proud of
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  7. Fine, no more snakes... for now.

    Here's a Great Blue Heron I snapped locally.

    And not far from that, a tarantula just after a light rain. The males come out in late September through October to seek a mate.

    And lastly, a crafty Desert Fox down in Searles Valley, whose cohort stole a pack of hot dog buns from us. Sneaky little buggers.

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  8. Am I allowed to bump?
    animals are gr9

    This was a very pretentious bird. Caught the pic from the same place as the butterfly
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  9. Wow, these are all very nice, thanks for sharing!
    I especially like KennyBooBear's!
    Those are impressive, man, and very beautiful! :D
  10. Much appreciated! Just for that, I'll post some more that I have floating around, though I'll note that some aren't of the best quality.

    Starting with a couple shot in Yosemite.

    This here's a Coyote just off the side of the Mist Trail leading up to Virginia Falls.

    American Black Bear, blue tag #54. I'd find out a few months later during another visit that he was euthanized as a result of too many idiots getting too close to him in attempts to feed him etc.

    I was kayaking down the Merced River when I shot this, and saw him on the bank to my left. Pulled out the camera and was able to quickly fire off about 14 shots before my battery died (couldn't switch to the backup in time to get additional usable photos). Immediately after, he came down off the bank and swamp across to the North bank. Never in a million years thought I'd get to see a wild bear swim, so I'm lucky enough to have checked that off the bucket list.

    Shot this a few years back on a Panasonic Lumix GF3 of my female Veiled Chameleon.

    And here's another shot of Mowgli. Always enjoyed how the lighting gave this one a very mysterious look.

    Bobcat hiding in the grasses in front of my house here just outside of San Jose, CA. To clarify, his back is turned here, as he was walking up the hill.

    California Alligator Lizard attempting to disappear via. the art of camouflage.

    Random wild rabbit (presumably was set free or the offspring of one that was set free, as these aren't native here.)

    Aphids and Ants working together, or against each other. I'm really not sure which...

    Another shot of Mowgli, although the colors are a bit washed out. I mostly blame an older camera I had when I shot this and the fact that he was about to shed.

    Thought I'd toss this one in because I really just like how pretty this butterfly is. Unfortunately the photo is pretty crap (focus is off, and I'm shooting from a bad angle.)

    A Mallard being a.... Mallard, I suppose.


    And this was out of focus, but I don't often have opportunities to photograph a Hummingbird as it sips nectar from such a pretty flower, so I just have to live with myself and a blurry photo, I reckon.

    And lastly, the nesting pair of Red Tail Hawks that live quite literally, just outside of my house.

    You can see the mate in the distance.

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  11. Those are incredible! Thank you!