Pink Curtain Reveal Event

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  1. Curtain Drop Event: 4 PM!
    Continuing this Valentine's Day weekend, we have another reveal for you all.

    Currently hidden by the majestic pink curtain, can you guess what it is?

    Curtain drop: 4 pm EMC time in Funland on the games server.
    Be there for the chance to be one of the first to see what's new!

  2. Sounds like the stage is set for a new event :)
  3. Plot twist: Nothing's behind the curtain.
  4. Lol :confused:

    Where at in Funland? I just roamed the area and didn't see anything like the picture above - curiosity is piqued now! :rolleyes:
  5. Grabs Popcorn...
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  6. Unless I'm abducted by family to do something with them like going to the mall or a movie. I should be around a computer and available to be there for the big reveal...
  7. i hope it is an update for 1.15
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  8. Mysterious! I shall be there
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  9. It's Dragon Tombs
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  10. Oh yay!!!! I get to be here for this one!!! =D *does a happy dance. :D
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  11. A new mob?
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  12. New high or low redesign.
  13. Boredom is low fun is high!
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  14. An intense round! The gods favored the number seven today. :p
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  15. I really enjoyed the whole event. I thought it was a really fun time for all involved.. spectators and contestants alike. This may be my fav.. after Fire Floor of course. :p
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  16. I am usually far out in the Frontier, mining or building. Spend very little time in town. So, this was my first "event". Nice reveal - even better event! Krysyy was, of course, awesome as MC. The excitement ebbed and flowed with the drawing of the cards and I found myself "drawn" into the fun. The suspense was almost palpable every time the number 7 came up. I think a great time was had by all. Chat was alive - a nice thing to see, indeed.

    We all need to encourage poor Crystal - dragons should never feel down on their luck! By the way, I am not superstitious - the number 13 has always been a very good number for me. ;)

    I am sure I will attend more of these events, IRL allowing, of course. See you all in game, and "play" nice!

    The Sus :cool:
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  17. Ah, I'm curious to see this! I remember seeing this event at one of the birthday events, I think? And it being a bit dull. Sounds like some things were changed to account for that! :)
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