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  1. Army me. This is from a couple years back, good times. We had to stop during a convoy, you can see one MRAP in the reflection on one side of my glasses with headlights and the tail lights of one on the other side. I am not sure which is better/worse on the long haul, HMVV or MRAP.
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  2. This is the pool entertainment center I just put together. Designed and built by me. Had to have a place to put the toys and keep them out of the sun and out from underfoot. Plus it has a nice place to hang towels and swim suits to dry on the sloped end.
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  3. Things are better with a friend.

    I love calvin and hobbs.
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  4. Calvin and Hobbes is amazing! Definitely my favourite non-European comic. (perhaps overall, but it's hard to compare with quite different things like Asterix & Obelix)
    It's really, really good, in multiple ways!
    I'd like to get all the albums in their original language one day. (we've got all in Dutch, but they're very well translated)
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  5. miles and miles into the wastelands the momos are plentiful.

    More momo = more loot? ;)


    More momo = momo Army comming for me! :eek: ("Oh no, it's slugo!" looks like Mr. Bill is in trouble this time boys and girls lol)

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