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  1. Hey all! I have just taken up a new hobby in photography and I thought it would be cool to share some of my photos.

    I am using my cheapo flip phone for these pictures and I am an amateur, so these photos probably aren't that good. I am just sharing them because why not, so I really don't care if you use them. If you do use them, credit would be appreciated. Any constructive criticism is appreciated.

    Thank you. :)

    Just some hoar frost.

    Just a small cactus.

    My dining room.
  2. Just a mirror I thought looked cool...

    Just my pool...
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  3. I see you are using an LG 440g ;) (Which has a 1.3 MP camera)
    I am also a new photographer but I'll tell you some of what I know.
    There is A LOT to learn about photography, but this just a tiny portion.
    Subject- Have a clear subject and take the photo so that the subject is the main focus of the picture
    For that cactus picture, I would recommend getting closer it because the deck and all is not really the subject, although it takes up a large part of the picture.
    Hope that helps :rolleyes:
    It is tough taking pictures with a flip phone, so I feel ya
    I can't wait to see some more photos!
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  4. Thanks for the advice! :) I will try to use it the next time I find something interesting to photograph.
  5. Just took a photo while backpacking. Unfortunately it is not the best...
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  6. Bump! More photos coming soon...
  7. I like these quite much! :)
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  8. I'm also an amareur but... I can tell you Some things:
    1, when you have wather on your photo, try to make it Like a mirror;
    2, don't make pictiures with licht from a side, only pictiures were you can see the Sun or normol with licht from the back;
    3, always hold the horizon horizontale

    Thats all I know... What you aren't using alrealdy.
    Oh, I forgot this, I do live them all :D (not the one you have post last and of your dinner room.
  9. Just some cool clouds...

    ...with a volleyball (which was probably the most aggravating photo to take)...
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  11. I threw it up, so I think it was coming down due to delay.
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  12. I went flying today, so I will have the pictures transferred soon...
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  13. Lucky, I was going to go but got sick like 30 mins before we had to go. And I'm still sick. :(
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  14. Never really been one to find shapes in clouds, but does anyone agree that that looks exactly like a dragon's head breathing fire? :confused: Seriously, it's uncanny. Nice job so far! :D
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  15. u do have to admit, some clouds are very cool. Last year going to my Family Reunion, we whee driving in tornado weather, and they had the warnings. The clouds looked so cool as it was a ring with the clouds moving in from the top to inside under, and there we green. :p I wanted to get a pic, but there where trees all over the highway and its was hailing and raining.
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