[Photography] FDNY21 visits Berlin!

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  1. Hello everyone, welcome to my photography thread for my Berlin trip, 2014!

    In the spoiler below, find enclosed most of the images I taken in Berlin and edited. I hope you like it, feel free to comment your thoughts!

    Olympic Stadium, now used by the Football Team!

    Brandenburg Gate!

    The Reichstag!

    Derelict rail track!

    "Work will set you free" -Sachsenhausen concentration camp

    Starsi Prison! 10259346_656174561121706_7811129912822779006_n.jpg

    Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp entrance!

    Abandoned rail station where 50,000 Jews went to Poland assuming they would have a "better, freshly started life", yet only 3,000 actually survived what they arrived at (WWII).

    Inside the Olympic Stadium!

    Derelict rail track!

    TV Tower at night!

    First Ford Mustang I have ever seen by my own eyes!

    Vintage Eastern Berlin cars from the Soviet era of East Berlin, idle in a parking lot!

    TV Tower plus skyline from roof of The Reichstag!

    Abandoned rail station!

    The Hostel I stayed at, Singer 109!

    Park Inn sky scraper!

    I used my iPhone 5 camera with different lenses. I have 3 in all, but I used one of them in particular to get more of a view, and a nicer effect :)
  2. Pretty cool, Im hoping to go to Berlin this summer or next. :)
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  3. Somebody should forceclaim that derelict rail track.

    You have fun?
  4. It's a great place, I really enjoyed it! If you go, I am sure you will too, make the most of it as there is a lot to see in a short time :)
    It was great, thanks! Lots to see, and the public transport is a lot better than England's own :p
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  5. Really nice pictures, looks like I missed a lot last week :p
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  6. Thanks Tomvan! :)
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  7. Worth a bump ;)
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