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Return to normal?

Yes! 14 vote(s) 60.9%
Nah! 9 vote(s) 39.1%
  1. Just vote on the poll for, or against, linking you to Not
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  2. It's just something Aikar was messing with in regards to google and SEO rankings and such.

    It will likely be changed soon enough to something else. He just needs to look at the data and get a good balance. For the time being, just use or click on Our Community on that lp page. Once you type, your comp will get to where you type 'emp' and it will recognize where you are trying to go. Technology is fancy that way :D
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  3. Wait you can type more characters than 6 on the search bar D: I've never actually used :p
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  4. :eek: #TheMoreYouKnow
  5. Oh, we did add something fancy.

    Type in and it will auto-direct to for you.
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  6. <3
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  7. still exists btw
  8. Not short enough ;) Can we buy ?
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  10. I made go back to main site, please use that.

    It was changed so that when video adverts or "vocal" references and you need to tell someone how to find emc... "" is super easy to remember and type in.

    trying to add a subdomain or /path to that is much harder to remember and prone to error.

    We never declared that was permanently a way to get to forums :p sure it did because we had to send it SOMEWHERE, but now we have a purpose for it.

    Please use bookmarks or least use
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  11. Why? Does it matter a huge lot whether you're using or I don't really get it.
    Also, I think is definitely much easier than in vocal references.
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  12. It's never been an issue for me since I just have it bookmarked. But if you use, can't you click the "Our Community" button for it to direct you over to the forums?
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  13. We don't want to send them to the forum home page. We want to send them to the landing page that helps them learn about EMC and instructions.

    For all inbound links we use the equiv of, but trying to put that in a ad that isn't clickable (say: streaming overlays etc), we want the shorter link so it also doesn't take up as much room.
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  14. Here's a practical example of why it's been changed. At the end of videos, and during breaks on livestreams, something like this pops up:

    (it varies depending on where it's shown, but you get the idea)

    Most people, myself included, would just go to the raw domain (, rather than a page on that domain ( or a subdomain ( I dunno why, it's just how people are.

    Then there's stuff like this:

    For practical reasons, it's a huge pain to try and fit in LP.EMC.GS into the tiny amount of space we on there. Sure, it's still a short URL, but the shorter the URL is, the easier it is to fit into those little gaps. still works, still works and even works. Make the minor adjustment, and after a few times, Chrome'll make it for you. :)
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  15. I cannot count the number of times I've typed "emp(enter)" and my computer has been just slow enough to think that I want to google EMPs.
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  16. Well, that probably wouldn't have worked for me, but I know I'm odd.

    So you're disagreeing with Aikar here? I might be confused...
  17. No, I agree with him. It's not hard to change your habits and just one of the other URLs. :)