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  1. So Community...
    I would like to say, a few weeks ago I lost my dog, because we went to the vets and they said all these problems my dog was suffering with.
    And the vet guy said, It would be the best idea for you to get her put down, after a few weeks with her we had to do so, she was in no pain at all with the problems she had, but she was getting old and was finding hard to walk, and do other things dogs love to do.
    She was called Daisy, she was a rottweiler, she was such an amazing dog, we had some much fun awesome times with her, and it had to come to an end.
    So I thought, for the community I will host a thread for those that love there pets to post maybe a picture up, saying what pet, and a paragraph saying what you like about them, and why there are such a awesome pet.

    This isn't just for dog's this is for any pets.

  2. R.I.P Dasiey
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  3. I highly doubt my eldest dog will last till Christmas, I'm sorry for your loss :(
    But, I have a kitty I can spam the thread with :D
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  4. This is my Saint Bernard daisy. She was horribly abused when she was a puppy. But now she is a 200 pound healthy saint benard

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  5. Thanks, and sure why not :D
  6. Cool she looks so awesome. I hate animal abuse, Im happy for you shes better now.
  7. I actually know quite a few people in real life who have pets.
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  8. Nice, what kinda of pets do they own?
  9. Here is my dog:

    Here is my dog with his doggie friends:

    Here is my cat laying in my dirty clothes bin:

  10. She has gone from being able to count all of her ribs to being able to pull 5 inches of fat off of her
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  11. Well, I know one dog really well, and I've communicated with a cat. There are more people with cats and dogs in their house. Born_ego also has a fish, and there's someone with a JackBiggin. Or a guinea-pig, actually, I often confuse them.
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  12. Awesome pics, they look awesome, how long have you had them for?
  13. That is the most cutest kitty ever, the eyes, the eyes :D
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  14. Haha, they sound really cool, I wanna see Guinea pigs :D
  15. Hey BT I think you remember our Nans old Cat
    rip.JPG R.I.P Trixie :(
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  17. My dog's name is Charlie and I've had him for a few months now. He was a stray I found outside my job and when I had him scanned for a microchip we were able to call his owner and his owner was a jerk and said they didn't want him anymore. They also told some other lies about Charlie. I haven't had any issues with him at all, he's an awesome dog.

    I have two cats, one named Chef and the other is "Roly Poly". I've had Chef now for a little over a year. Chef is the one in the picture I posted. My other cat, Roly Poly, got that name because anytime you walk up to her to pet her she will fall down on her side and start rolling around like a roly poly does. She was a stray that lived outside my apartment before I took her in a couple years ago.
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  18. They sound really cool, I'm happy you took them in, they need an deserve good kind loving owners that will give them everything they need, well done mate. that's good of you for taking them in, and awesome names bud :D
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  19. Where all these pet's at? :D