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  1. So tonight I have run into a Serious issue...

    I updated my laptop with the hp updates they regularly send me. Then my laptop powered off completely so I turned it on and all was fin but laptop was no longer charging and then it shut off again. I now tried to turn it on and it gets to the initial startup where it shows the hp logo and then it turns off and the process cycles. I am using a mobile device to type this so I can get replies. If anyone has any suggestions please suggest. If this laptop is dead forever I have no way to play minecraft.

    Thanks guys
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  2. Is a blue screen spitting out before the reboot restarts or is it simply a black screen that's endlessly cycling the initial process?
  3. Black screen.
  4. HP computers suck. :confused:
  5. I had very little money to spend on a laptop... at the time it was the best ;) this laptop is 2+ years old now and had no issues before this.
  6. Does it offer the option to go into BIOS? Usually, F10 or F12 enters you to the BIOS menu.
  7. It offers nothing at all.
  8. Do you know what model it is?
  9. If I remember it is the pavallion dv2000
  10. Are there any lights on at the bottom of your laptop? If so, try hooking it up with an HDMI to a T.V and then see if a screen comes up to T.V
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  11. I am back on my computer now...

    It now shows the charging symbol in the bottom right- before when it was messing up it didnt...

    Anyone know why that might be? I dont want to run into this issue again.
  12. Try what TraynFteek said, press f10 or f12 on startup. If that works, PM me and I'll be glad to send you the rest. You may have to reset the laptop, which is better than no laptop at all. Also, if you have another computer you could make a bootable ubuntu flash drive which may help on startup. Again, PM me if you need any more help :)

    Edit: in response to the above post-It may be an update the computer installed?
  13. My computer spends most of its time hooked up to the HDMI on my TV- its hooked up if I am not Minecrafting... ;)
  14. From my searchings, it is likely a problem with the GPU in the laptop which can be fixed by reflowing the solder joints. I'm assuming you don't want to open up the laptop and disassemble it, so I found another possible fix. It is for the DV6000, so I assume it should work for the DV2000. Here's the guide from Tom's Hardware:

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  15. I have had this problem before and it was the BIOS.

    One of the things I hate about the BIOS is it's hard to notice that it's the problem unless it has happened to you before :/
  16. The issue is continuing I went to try what traynfreek posted (I tried something else before and I th out that fixed it) but now the computer won't power on. My computer is also not showing it charging, I clearly have the charger plugged in and all but no charge.
  17. This happened to my laptop before (my first laptop). The power button only turned on the computer sometimes (like a one in a million chance). It happens too often to HP laptops.

    EDIT: I had the same laptop. :p
  18. You're showing a lot of bias against HP in this thread. HP isn't a bad manufacturer, and it's probably the better choice if you're on a tight budget. He said it was a 2 year old laptop, and it could just be having some hardware failures.

    If it is a hardware failure, and it's kind of looking like it is, you might be out of luck. It could be something else; I'm not good with this kind of thing. I can only fix computer problems when the computer can turn on.
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  19. I am now back on the computer now, but I cannot help thinking that the issue will persist or the computer will just go poof.
  20. Have you checked the Power Adapter and made sure wires weren't cut, bent, etc. Also check the battery, is it's 2 years old, the battery could be dying.