Paying for voting - Legal?

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  1. This is just a post to see if it would be legal for me to pay a player to vote for my name.

    If this is legal, I will be offing 25,000r a week (100,000r monthly) to vote in my name every day in that month. However, this offer will only be applicable if its deemed legal to make it.
  2. If it is legal, I would be willing to do it :)
  3. I can do it if it's legal. I do it for 3 accounts each day.
  4. I can do it, for about ~ 1 year I have been voting for 5 accounts and have voted for others (twice)...
  5. If needed I'll be more than happy in doing it. After all I not only take care of my own account but I vote for more than 8 accounts every single day.

    And I'm willing to do it for a reduced price if needed.
  6. There are only 9 links to vote from...
  7. It's legal.

    If it isn't it should be in the wiki.
  8. I can totally help you because i have voted for players who were derelict.
    If it is legal for sure.
  9. And who said I can't own more than 1 PC? In fact I can use about 5 PCs, 1 Tablet, and 8 Phones for voting.
    So... yeah. I have plenty of links and IPs to vote.
  10. Alright, this got a bit of attention. If there is not comment against me paying someone to vote by tomorrow night, Ill award the task to someone.
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  11. I would like to work with you to vote for your account!
  12. False it would be 108631r per month. Roughly
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  13. You can also use different browsers to vote for more than 9 accounts
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  14. I am currently voting for 11 accounts. :)

    Paying someone to vote for you - that is legal.
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  15. Not sure if it is mentioned :rolleyes:, but it is legal.
  16. I don't see why it would be disallowed. I do think it's kinda sketchy to be farming vote rewards with alts though. Doesn't seem right to me, but maybe I'm old school because back in the day when I was playing other MMOs, most websites would remove a server's listings if they found out that its userbase was doing stuff like that.
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  17. Yeah, well I'm voting for one MILLION accounts!
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  18. I re-read the rules and I can't find anything why this shouldn't be legal. The only "dotchy" issue is banking and loans. Those were illegal but are now "tolerated". As in: you can't advertise this service, players are advised to be cautious and the staff doesn't interfere when stuff goes wrong (its the players responsibility).

    But other than that I can't find anything which would indicate that this could be illegal.

    To be honest I think what you're doing here is in the Empire's best interest. Normally you wouldn't vote, now you are going to vote (by proxy). So one way or the other this means extra incoming votes for the Empire. And on top of that some lucky guy gets paid as well ;)

    Just in case: this is just my 2 cents, nothing official or anything.
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  19. Well, I could do it, I guess.

    I can keep up with voting.