Overwatch Thread!

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Do you play Overwatch?

Yes 44 vote(s) 51.2%
No 28 vote(s) 32.6%
I want to 14 vote(s) 16.3%
  1. Hey EMC! As some people know I am addicted to Overwatch so I thought I would post a thread where we can discuss the game and talk about each other's ranks and levels and who they like to play and maybe we can also show some awesome play of the games that you may have gotten :)

    As you can see currently when this thread is posted I am level 364

    My current rank in season 4 is 3314 with the highest of 3385

    These are the characters which I main in quick play

    Also here is a compilation of play of the games that I have gotten throughout my time on Overwatch

  2. Ow sucks.

    plz no ban
  3. Ooooh....a fellow golden Genji c:
    Also please get me out of plat
    I've been stuck forever ;-;
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  5. I love playing overwatch, I'm a hanzo main. I get a lot of criticism for that from my friends mostly because they think he is "useless" but his alt is devastating if used correctly
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  6. Yeah I think people are starting to realise that he is a decent character if played well
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  7. I play a fair amount of Overwatch too, as a Symmetra main I do get criticized a lot for playing a character who doesn't need to aim. I'm a gold player, I don't do tons of comeptitive, mostly getting my 10 placements in and playing a few games afterwards. If you want to play send me a friend request at Shadow #1766, you will need to be on NA of course.
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  8. I get triggered when I'm playing widow and a Hanzo just shoots arrows in my general direction and one hits me, while I have to get a shot on a tiny head from far away :/
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  9. IM the same but kinda opposite, I hate when trying to line up a headshot on a widow and she gets a lucky headshot on me
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  10. Hanzo here.
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  11. A
    a mercy that kills genjii? That's some next level gameplay right there
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  12. I suppose it works either way. Regardless, I'd love to play with you some time :)
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  13. I love playing Hanzo as I find him fun to play, however he can be countered quite easily

    My current desktop background are also this :p

  14. What of I told you all that Bastion is voiced by the most famous voice actor Blizzard entertainment has ever had in their whole entire history? It's no joke.
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  15. B4DMAN5IMON and I like to set up a "Hook'm & Cook'm" place where we drag them in as roadhog and I turret the crap oughta them as symmetra.

  16. Symmetra is one of my least favorite players to play against, her speed and instant lock on destroy me
    Yeah once I get my new computer set up I'll let you know :)
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  17. When a Rein LeftShifts on you
  18. My brother talks about this game all the time. He plays it, but I don't. I have some interest in "Overwatch", but I haven't gone down to settle in.

    There's an unbelievable precision of detail, when it comes to balancing in this game, as well as very open-minded developers who'll use player feedback to aide in further improving game balance.


    Although, there has been lately an on-going debate on whether or not Hanzo and Bastion are too powerful, due to some buffs.
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