outpost or not?

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  1. hey guys i,ve had this base for a really long time i remember since about somewhere in February i have never taken though in making it a outpost so it is on 1.7 land for the base it is a small village with walls around it i am thinking about putting bigger walls up such as obsidian or cobble so should i make this a outpost? comment below
  2. Well, does your area fall under the guidelines for making it an 'established' base? (5k from spawn points, 3k from any other established base?)
    I would think a bit to see if your area complies, so you know whether you have the option in the future to establish it, (which you may possibly be able to protect it when these features come out) and whether to pour time and resources into it.

    Else, if the above is something you do not care about, then by all means build it up and have fun with it!
    (screenshots of a walled off village???)
  3. i dont really wana put screen shots
  4. You'll need a locked chest in the outpost/village/base to establish it I believe.
  5. Awww, I understand though. I just like seeing players builds, cause my building skills are junk.

    And Gap542 is correct about the locked chest in the 'center'. You can read up on the rules if this is a path that you are interested in, just to make sure that it can be 'established'!

    Good luck spyrovsgnorg!
  6. Its up to you if you want it as an outpost, it doest have to be such a big thing, what you got atm sounds good, with this, make it an outpost and just keep upgrading.
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  7. If it's on smp7, I saw it while going to make MY outpost. I saw it on live map. It has like wood walls right?