Establishing an outpost - some questions

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  1. I've read the "Info & How to Establish an Outpost" thread, but I still have a few questions before I commit resources to something;

    1. The rules state that any new outpost should be more than 5,000 blocks from the EMC frontier outposts, and more than 3,000 blocks from any visually established base. Is there any easy way to check that I'm far enough away, without having to walk around a lot taking measurements?

    2. Since the bases have to be really far from the EMC frontier outposts, is there any way to set up some sort of 'fast travel' between the outpost and the spawn? Or will it always involve a lot of walking if I want to go back to my res in town to pick up some stuff?

    3. Once I find a place, should I just stick a chest there, announce it in this part of the forum and wait for it to be [Established] before I build anything else?
  2. 1. You can look on the live map typically to see buildings, or players nearby. Unless they have hide
    2. The outpost I'm in is quite the ways out, so what we did was use the nether, for the Wild, the nether is 7:1 (I believe) 7 wild blocks to 1 nether block. So you can make railroads that way
    3. You should build most of it, then do the chest that way the senior mods know roughly how big of land you want.
  3. Use the Live Map, check the coordinates between locations.

    Pretty soon, you will be able to claim an "Empire". It is rumored that you can teleport to and from.

    Placed a LOCKED chest in there, and you can build whatever you like while waiting or before you post it. As long as there is a chest.
  4. The ratio is 8:1 not 7, doesn't seem like a big difference, but at 100k+ out it adds up :)
  5. 1. Its hard to see, but if you look at livemap and zoom out there are circle bounds around each of the EMC outposts in the frontier. These circle have approximately a 5,000 radius from the outposts. As for other outposts, its kinda hard to estimate.

    2. Nether travel is a possibility for fast travel as 1 meter in the nether is about 8-10 in the overworld. All you really have to do is use a nether calculator (Just google nether calculator) on where you are going to eventually end up and dig a tunnel at the top or bottom of the nether map and connect.

    3. You place the lock chest so that the Senior Staff and check the domain of the outpost to see if it falls in a habitable area for a player outpost. I started work on my 2 outposts before registering them, but you may not want to do a whole lot of elaborate work until the Senior Staff is able to verify the location and establish.
  6. Nether travel is the only way to get to and from a distant outpost fast - it its 8 to 1 ratio so just find the spot you want on the live map and divide by 8 to find the location you need to dig to in the nether.

    Place a locked chest as they have said and post something like New Outpost (Name) (server) and then once senior staff looks to make sure its valid they will change the title to New Outpost Name Server [Established]

    I would remind you that it is not wise to place any description of the location, specially x and z coordinates on the forums - just to be safe.

    Something like locked chest in the little wooden hut under a tree would probably be ok, but locked chest is at x 100 z -501 would just be asking for trouble.