Tips for setting up a base in the wild

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  1. For those of you who have bases 50k+ blocks out, what are some good tips for setting up a wild residence? Anything from how to find a good location, how to hide the base, what to bring for the first inital scout run(since running back and forth isnt really an option that far out.

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  2. I only ever travelled out that far once and that was by invitation to someone else's base. It took me for ever because of the way they had the trail set up basically they did not want anyone to find it or at lease follow.

    My advice look on the live map, then zoom out as much as you possibly can until you can see all the outpost portal's. The reason for this is, for the most part they all link into each other so you need to find those on the very edge before you start to travel.

    Click on Frontier map then use the - button top left of screen zoom out as much as possible and then drag the screen around to find an area that is still blacked out, so not yet discovered.

    Check the co-ords on the screen once you find it and use the nether to get out their. Nether travel is 1 block to every 8 blocks in normal world so 8k blocks in the nether is equal to 64k in main world.

    You could also build a rail system for this to save you travel time and food.

    As for items to take, flint and steal, obsidian blocks to make portal's x 2. A few good picks/tools, Stacks of logs, sugar cane, seeds etc to get a farm started sword, bow, food armor, bed to set your spawn in case you die while out there. (don,t forget to re-set it when you come back to town).

    You can mine and make everything else but you could also take building blocks and wood.
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  3. ok and i basiclly want to set up a wild base to make a bunch of mob farms.
    How would i go about bringing stuff back?
  4. You could use ender chests, or as Silken said, make a nether rail to get back in much less time.
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  5. Finding a Spot
    If you mainly want mob spawners, then find a cave system with abandoned mineshafts. This is the best place to find spawners of all kinds, and the only place to find cave spider spawners. Sometimes you can see ravines (basically canyons) from livemap, and these usually lead to caves/abandoned mineshafts. Another way to find them is by travelling in the ocean and looking for light coming from the ocean floor. If you do this, be sure to hide that light once you set up base.

    If you're travelling mainly on land, I recommend taking a sword with sharpness 5 and fire aspect 2; this will cook pigs or cows instantly so you have plenty of food. If you're travelling mainly by sea, food won't be as much of a problem since you don't use hunger while in a boat. In either case, you should take a mooshroom egg for a constant food supply once you find a spot. Steak or pork is the best travelling food since it gives the most saturation.

    General Advice
    Always use /map hide. If you make any tunnels or shortcuts, cover your tracks and/or make some fake paths. I've done this with a few of my bases and they've never been found (as far as I know). Always bring one or two ender chests and a silk touch pick. This way, if you find a spot, or if you can't find one, you can just put your stuff in it and die to get back to town. Other helpful things to bring are armor (iron at the least), wood (a stack of logs should do), coal (for furnaces/torches), a few potions (they take up space, but can save you in a pinch), and a stack of cobble or iron (for making tools). I wouldn't take a horse on your first trip since it can be tricky to keep them alive. Lastly, press F3 occasionally and take lots of screenshots to keep track of where you are.

    Nether tunnels
    If you want to travel to and from your base frequently, nether tunnels are probably the best option. You can either use minecart rails or a horse trail. Minecarts are good because you can use chest minecarts to transport items, and you can travel while afk. The downside is that they're expensive and may get griefed if not well hidden. Horse trails are cheaper and less likely to get griefed, but in 1.8 horses will be slower than minecarts, and you can't travel afk. On the plus side, you can use several donkeys on leads to trasport items in bulk. A horse tunnel needs to be at least 2 wide and 3 tall, but 3 wide may be better if you're using several donkeys at once.
  6. Well done! That was what I was basically looking for. Tons of ideas.
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  7. I'm so sorry, I'm only 40k blocks out. I hope you don't mind.

    Guide on initiating a base with easy travel.
    1) Find location on live map, take down coordinates and nether coordinates. Don't screw up.
    2) Make 2 diamond picks with eff5, unb3, and one with silk touch (+ anything else you want) In your inventory, food, an enderchest, and anything else you feel like bringing (fire resistance potions?). In the enderchest, keep new, unenchanted diamond picks, and a couple anvils, along with whatever else you want.
    3) Go to the nether. Make a staircase up to y=121. Pick a direction, towards your intended location. Mine until you reach either your x or your z coordinate. There, turn again, and go to your final destination.
    If your pick runs out, drop the enderchest, place the anvil, and switch servers for XP farm, xp bottles, etc. to patch up your pick. Don't use the second one unless you have to.
    4) Once you reach there, place your things all in the enderchest, leave it down, maybe hollow out a room, etc, then kill yourself.
    5) Respawn, acquire rails, powered rails, and redstone torches. Store in inventory as RS blocks, gold blocks, logs, and iron blocks to save space. (One stack iron blocks = 108 stacks rails) Maybe keep a couple of necessities in your enderchest. Go back to your tunnel, and go out again to your base, placing down rails this time. This will take time, but is incredibly worthwhile.
    7) Skip step 6
    8) Once you are at your base in the nether this time, place down slabs, light things up, make a nice rail station whatever. You now have an incredibly easy way to travel tens of thousands of blocks into the wild.
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  8. With 50k and more you can reach new continents. Maybe you want to make sure to find some of the new 1.7 landscapes.
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  9. the things you want to bring, enchanted pick with silk touch, an ender chest (with another ender chest inside it), a bed, a stack of iron blocks, a stack of obsidian blocks food and armor.everything but the food, chest, and silk pick and armor are inside the ender chest maybe a couple boats too.
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  10. One other thing not sure if anyone has mentioned it, but if you do this on another server one you don't use so much, you can always be in town on smp6 and just do /server smp# to get back to your base for EXP.
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