Legit's guide to making a safe wild camp!

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  1. Legit here, here to teach you how to make your wild base/camp mostly safe from greifers.

    1. Don't make it close to spawn: Your absolute limit for how close to spawn it is should be 2K blocks out. This gives you protection from simple greifers who don't go far our. Any where from there out will just give you even more protection.

    2. Camouflage: Depending on how big your base is, you could plant trees on the tops of buildings, to help make greifers who use the live map think its just a forest area.

    3. Have a safe room: If your camp does get greifted, its never a bad idea to have a safe room. Build this room around 20-30 blocks under your base. Put food, tools, and blocks to rebuild with inside of it. To be even more safe, surround the walls with lava, to make it harder for X-ray greifers to find.

    4. Have an alarm system: Should someone walk into an important room, such as a room with 10 double chests full of diamond blocks, you will know, and allow you to prepare for a possible intruder. If you hear the alarm, contact a staff member immediately.

    5. Live with others: There is safety in numbers. A greifer will be less tempted to greif a large group of people, as there is a much higher chance of being found.

    *More tips to come.*
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  2. I think this seems to be a rather underrated tip, but it's one of the most important. I'd probably take it a step further and go to one of the outposts (N/S/E/W) and then travel 2,000 + just for added distance / security. It's the same distance you travel, but less likely to be found
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  3. The use of the EMC wild outposts (or teleports rather) to gain distance is really good!
    All those tips will help protect from thieves and stupid griefers.
    If you plan on making a more or less public outpost things are more difficult of course.
    Meaning the more you try to hide from the bad people the more difficult it will be to gain new members and grow.
  4. I agree, but the more you hide, maybe it's a little hard, but definitely worth it. I made mine relatively hidden, and it's easy to get to, through a hidden nether path
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  5. Agreed. Safe nether paths are a good way to make distance in the wild.
    Also makes it easier to maintain as the path you have to keep clear is shorter.
    Maybe a good general tip: Do not think only "wild" outpost but "wild / nether" outpost.
    Maybe in the future even the ender world will become more useful.
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  6. I think the End becoming useful would be cool as well. Going to an outpost then the Nether is also an awesome way to travel a lot of distance really fast, and relatively safely
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  7. Nether is nice.. :)
  8. Good tips! But could you explain what you mean by an alarm system?
  9. Good tips! But could you explain what you mean by an alarm system?
  10. Tripwire or pressure plate system most likely rigged to note blocks or redstone torches.
    Redstone torches would be discreet as the griefer would not know they were being caught.
  11. So it would be a system to alert you when you were online at your wild base then? I was hoping there was some way to know if someone visited while you were gone.