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  1. So, after the incident we rebuilt, and began a new project. This is the *almost* finished armory. and tower exterior view from Inside the castle, and out.

    As you can see my friend, Kephras is finishing the final touches on the armory. Once we finish this, I will post the final pictures, and what we've just recently started on.
  2. As promised, here is the interior. (exterior did not change, very much at all.)

    With Kephras posing. :p
  3. What texture pack is that?

    I think the place looks great! :D
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  4. The texture pack is a custom one Kephras had edited/made. We both use it, to make things easier ^^
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  5. The texture pack looks great with the castle. :D
  6. It's not quite a castle, yet. Just defensive walls around our little village we helped create. We're currently building a keep. And I'll be posting updates and photos for you and everybody else to enjoy. ;)
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  7. Some night-shots of my own to share, but first? This little gem.

    The deceptively named Bobcat walrus sporting the latest head-fashion. Dude knows how to rock a hat, I'll give him that. ;)

    Now then!

    The completed Armory, in the evening rain. Still needs a little bit of terrain-leveling outside, but we'll get that cleaned up eventually.

    View from the dock tower. You can see on the south end where we still have a bit of work to go on the wall. The street corner in the foreground will be the site of a small dock-house.

    View from ground-level. Once we started adding to the NPC homes, I fudged a few of the designs. Our "Library" is a full enchanting area. It also uses an older (and excessive) arrangement of bookshelves, because I like the look.

    From the top of the Armory tower! And the Walrus king, standing atop the future site of a new Keep.
    Also, a random sapling turned into an "epic" oak tree and devoured our church. Honestly? We think it's an improvement.

    PS: While I won't name our griefers publicly, I do wish to thank them for their apology, and the much-needed reminder about basic wilderness safety.

    Sorry, forgot to mention - the texture pack is a modified version of one of the Painterly sets. I tweaked a few things here and there for personal taste, but Painterly is what it's based from.
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  8. Well, having Kephras at work, and me also finishing up some Finals, we have little to no progress to report. :(
  9. It looks awesome! Thanks for sharing you creation with us! :)
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  10. It's not even close to being done :p
  11. Some progress!

    Current estimate is around 25-30% complete, based on my test build in Creative. We've about run ourselves dry on cobble / stone brick though, so it looks like tomorrow will be a lot of digging and harvesting. I kinda regret taking out the cobble-gen now...
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  12. Easy to make cobble generators, so it isn't that bad. Also, very impressive build you have, I love it. Good work on the video as well.
  13. Extremely nice place you have there, sadly I'm sure everyone and their dog with bad intentions will be checking their Live maps for your settlement now. Either way, I have to say, impressive architecture! Reminds me of my own designs on other servers. Good job, guys, really.
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  14. We were already hit once, there's another thread around here that shows a before-and-aftermath. But if any would-be griefers are reading this, know that if you're actually willing to travel that kind of distance just to reach us, we'd much rather welcome you as part of our wilderness domain.
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  15. Looks lovely! Make sure to light up your roofs properly. It's no fun having a creeper drop down on your head.
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  16. far2.JPG
    I have to admit, it did take me a fair while to find you.
    And yes, you are VERY far out, so don't expect a visit from me.
  17. We had a cobble generator in the past, but we never used it. We plan on replacing what was the cobble generator with possibly a town hall of some sort. Cobble generators took up all our redstone usage, and we used the redstone for better things, such as a cave entrance, so the villagers don't go down in the caves.. (I left the entrance open, about 10 minutes later im a good 20 blocks down in the cave, and sudden villager) I egged him and blocked it off. Just glad no more decided to follow in his footsteps. :oops:
  18. Yeah, while we were making roof for the keep, we had a couple problems with light. I'm sure we got most of it ironed out (once again) and I'm building the bridge. (not even close to being done, just finished pathing the dang thing)
  19. Some more in-progress shots. The Keep is nearing completion!

    It looks stunning at night.

    View from the desert mountain. Haven't figured out bridge trestles just yet - torches are placeholders only so we don't get spawns on the bridge.

    View from in town.

    I've been taking more time-lapse footage as well, but it's not ready to go (I don't intend to show it until the Keep is done).
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  20. Here is your rightful King Bobcat, the Walrus. Looking over our kingdom!

    We found a name, too. It's now called 'New Atlantia'.
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