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  1. Hey Everyone, Can mobs OTHER than skeleton,zombie,creeper,and Wither still drop their heads or was it a Halloween only thing?
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  2. It was added my Mojang in a recent update, but not all heads are droppable in EMC. Does anyone have a complete list of EMC-droppable heads?
  3. wut, I thought it was us?
    There hasn't been an update recently, 1.6.4 for a while
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  4. I have zombie pigmen heads from a gold farm.
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  5. I have them from a gold farm also.
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  6. Samsung has a ghast head
  7. I'm trying to get an Enderman head
  8. Has anyone earned a chicken head on EMC?

    P.S. Cave spider heads are not obtainable in EMC because they only spawn from spawners and mobs originating from spawners do not drop heads.

    I bought a regular spider head.
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  9. I found a few spider heads
  10. Some New mob heads !
  11. I got a slime head
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  12. Also, the Blaze would have to be natural spawns, not from a blaze spawner.

    And there are the older Wither Skeleton, Skeleton, Creeper, Zombie.

    Any more?

  13. Blaze and magma cubes drop heads also, but the magma cube head is called a 'LavaSlime' head
  14. Left out the ones that we already had. :p
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  16. Ocelots drop heads haha and boy does it look bizarre on someone... According to 5weety endermen don't drop heads on EMC, but I'm not sure about the others
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  17. One more question, do passives drop heads in town? Killed about 70 chickens with a looting 3 sword in town, nothin. Out in the wild took maybe 10 chickens to get one. Bad luck or do they just not drop in town?
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  18. Not sure, I slaughtered about a hundred fifty ocelots before I got one. It is a very small chance of dropping. I do plan to kill a ton of pigs, chickens, squid, and even villagers later today, though.
  19. That is planned...
    Looting does not impact EMC special drops. But that could change in the future.