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    Hello EMC'ers! I have a new shop at the mall you all know, the 4390 Mega Mall on smp2. I have added though a promo shop! This shop is were you can find a tone of promos, and more! You can also check out this thread for more information on the mall: http://emc.gs/threads-4390-mega-mall.

    Anyways, this shop was just built on August 3rd, 2016. So, of course it is not in stock yet. You might see some promos on the item frames, but it does not mean it is in stock. It will take a while to get in stock. Anyways, on with the shop!

    We have two sides to the shop. One is the Voucher Side, and the other is the Heads, Items, ETC. Side. I just like to categorize the items :). Also, sometimes I put items on sale and I have limited edition time items that will only be there for a while! I will tell when they are removed, and the dates they will be removed. Also, the shop is scheduled to be in-stock sometime around March 3rd, 2017. Yep, it will take a while :). Some stuff though will probably be in stock, and I will let you guys know! :) Anyways, on with the items!

    Voucher Side:
    Iron Supporter Voucher [1 Month]: 90,000 Rupees - NOT IN STOCK
    Gold Supporter Voucher [1 Month]: 200,500 Rupees - NOT IN STOCK
    Diamond Supporter Voucher [1 MONTH]: 350,000 Rupees - NOT IN STOCK
    Stable Voucher [Get an extra stable summon for your horse]: 8,500 Rupees - NOT IN STOCK
    Vault Voucher [Get an extra vault page to store your items]: 9,000 Rupees - NOT IN STOCK

    Permeant Dereliction Protection Voucher [Get your res never banned]: 1,000,000 Rupees - NOT IN STOCK [Expires 9/6/17]
    Supporter Gift [Random rank voucher!]: 500,000 Rupees - NOT IN STOCK [Expires 8/1/17]

    Items, Heads, ETC Side:
    All Krysyy Jane Heads - 1,000,000 Rupees - NOT IN STOCK
    Haunted Candy - 150 Rupees - NOT IN STOCK
    EMC Fireworks, Independence Day, ETC. - 50,000 Rupees - NOT IN STOCK
    EMC Weapons (Unused, new) - 45,000 Rupees - NOT IN STOCK
    Holiday Items - 50,000 Rupees - NOT IN STOCK
    Marlix, Momentum, ETC. Drops - 60,000 Rupees - NOT IN STOCK

    2016 EMC Birthday Cake [On sale]: 10,000 Rupees - 1 left in stock [Expires 4/6/17]
    2016 Liberty Independence Day Sword [On sale]: 30,000 Rupees - NOT IN STOCK [Expires 7/4/17]

    Also, if you would like a specific item you can private message me with the items you'd like: www.emc.gs/conversations/hellokittyro.

    Thanks everyone! -Ro
  2. Are you yet to stock it? I went to the shop to take a look, but everything I pressed on was out of stock :p
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  3. So sorry! The shop was just built today, so not yet :(
  4. Ah - it would be nice if you let people know about stock in the original post then, as I assumed there were all those items you mentioned in that spoiler!
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  5. What is this?
    Supporter Gift - 500k
    Bc I might buy
  6. supporter gifts are the things that came before the supporter vouchers, I own two diamond ones myslve (or, with tomvanwijnen) they are defenetly worth much, I'm only not sure wich voucher this is, a diamond, a gold, or an Iron one, but, according to the price, it's a gold one :)
  7. O
  8. Remember that you can use the wiki link for all the exact information :) I've pulled the link for you so that you can look at it if you want! Here: https://empireminecraft.com/wiki/supporter-gift/
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  9. How do you plan to supply these for your shops? Also where did you get the expiry date? I thought that vouchers don't expire.

    I'd like to buy a derelict protection voucher for 1mil cash whenever you get it so when you get it please PM me.
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  10. Bump! Updated thread!
    I'm working on it. And yes, I'll PM you.

    I will supply it is soon. The expiry date's are kinda eh.
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  11. He's not really picking a fight this time. He asked a question but you didn't exactly answer it. The whole thing starts when he asks again and you tell him to stop being pushy
  12. Please no. I'll edit it to make you happy. :)
  13. Permeant Dereliction Protection Voucher [Get your res never banned]: 1,000,000 Rupees - NOT IN STOCK [Expires 9/6/17]

    They can get deleted if you get banned, do you mean, never expire?
  14. Yeah
  15. I think what he means is that the only way for them to 'expire' would be if the person who had it got banned or if they were otherwise destroyed. They wouldn't have a definite expiry date though, as the vouchers themselves last forever :)
  16. What shr means is that she wont sell them after that date(i think)
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  17. Hmm, I guess that's a possibility. Better ways to say that though :)
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  18. Is this still going to be stocked ~March 2017 with you leaving for school and all? I just want to know if I can expect that derelict voucher to come in stock anytime soon or if I should just get it elsewhere. Can I expect that to come in stock in the near future or is this planning to be finished *after* you finish school?
  19. Bad timing. No, it will not be in stock anytime soon. Very sorry for any inconvenience.
  20. In the future, I highly suggest that you have a finished project before advertising. There are people who set aside funds for items you said would be in stock, that they could have potentially used in other opportunities that have passed. Plus, there were those of us who visited your shop(s) to find less stock than a Russian supermarket.
    inb4: Don't be rude
    Having a finished project and making good on your word will help you build a customer following. Nobody wants to waste their time at an empty shop or by saving up for things that were never really going to be in stock. Personally, I will not be visiting your shops in the future unless someone can vouch for them actually being stocked. This has happened far too often to be ruled a coincidence.
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