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  1. Hello EMC'ians! Yes, I have posted threads in the past about my mall. Well, today, I am going to repost since I cannot bump! This thread will include the sections of the mall, history of the mall, original items, pictures, auctions, promos, and donations. Enjoy reading! We will be taking up this thread, and two comments. The second comment will include auction information, promos, and donation information.

    Section 1 (Sections of the mall):
    • Food [%50 IN STOCK]
    • Combat [NOT IN STOCK]
    • Tools [NOT IN STOCK]
    • Spawners/Brewing [NOT IN STOCK]
    • Misc/Gems [NOT IN STOCK]
    Section 2 (History of the mall):
    The mall was created in 2015. The idea came from /v AnonReturns on smp6. She had a mall, and it inspired HelloKittyRo. Then, she came out with the 4390 Mega Mall. (Teleports including /v 4390, or /v +ro). The mall has had many changes since the beginning. From when it started, it looked horrible. But last month everything changed. The mall was redone, and the sections were finished. The only thing left is to stalk up the shop...

    Section 3 (Original items):
    A thread has been posted about this before, but is not aloud to be bumped. So we will talk about it again in this thread. We have two original shop items: Shop Voucher, and 50% off paper. We will talk about these items here.

    Shop Voucher:
    The shop voucher is an item that allows you to add one item to the shop that can be in the categories. They cost 500 rupees since they have such great value. You must contact HelloKittyRo to add an item. If it cannot be added, you will not argue. Contact her here: www.emc.gs/conversations/hellokittyro.

    50% Off Paper:
    The 50% off paper is a paper that allows you to buy something in the shop for %50 off. It costs 250 rupees. You have to contact HelloKittyRo in order to use it and buy the item. Contact her here: www.emc.gs/conversations/hellokittyro. You must return the voucher, IT CANNOT BE TRASHED OR TRADED. You will need to pay a 350 rupee fine.

    Section 4 (Pictures):
    Click here to see photos.

    Thank you for reading part #1! The next part will include everything else!
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  2. Hello there! We are going to continue the post by doing the three other sections here. Enjoy!

    Section 5 (Auctions):
    This mall is were we host the auctions. You can find the latest auction here: www.emc.gs/4390megamall/latestauctions. We auction off promos, weapons, food, etc. A lot of these items come from the mall. When you see the promos when you enter, those promos are usually used to auction off. You can contact HelloKittyRo if you would like to purchase one of those promos, but it would have to be for over 10k. Some promos will not be accepted because they are to rare, and HelloKittyRo does not want to trade them away. You can contact her here: www.emc.gs/conversations/hellokittyro.

    Section 6 (Promos):
    Promos are very important when it comes to the mall. We even mentioned them in the previous section. They are important because they are a symbol of EMC. We even sell them in the misc/gems area of the mall. You can find shiny arrows, rotten shiny flesh, and more.

    Section 7 - Last section (Donations):
    The 4390 Mega Mall is excepting donations. We need them to help the mall grow! WE DONOT want trash, or anything not related. You can donate rupees, too! (Donate them to HelloKittyRo). It would help if you donated! You're not just contributing to the mall, you contribute to the whole server so that members can get what they need!

    Thanks for reading this! Keep checking this for the latest updates on the mall! (Latest updates are in previous post!)
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    This post was taken from this thread: https://empireminecraft.com/threads/open-soon-4390-mega-mall-promo-shop.66890/

    Hello EMC'ers! I have a new shop at the mall you all know, the 4390 Mega Mall on smp2. I have added though a promo shop! This shop is were you can find a tone of promos, and more! You can also check out this thread for more information on the mall: http://emc.gs/threads-4390-mega-mall.

    Anyways, this shop was just built on August 3rd, 2016. So, of course it is not in stock yet. You might see some promos on the item frames, but it does not mean it is in stock. It will take a while to get in stock. Anyways, on with the shop!

    We have two sides to the shop. One is the Voucher Side, and the other is the Heads, Items, ETC. Side. I just like to categorize the items :). Also, sometimes I put items on sale and I have limited edition time items that will only be there for a while! I will tell when they are removed, and the dates they will be removed. Also, the shop is scheduled to be in-stock sometime around March 3rd, 2017. Yep, it will take a while :). Some stuff though will probably be in stock, and I will let you guys know! :) Anyways, on with the items!

    Voucher Side:
    Iron Supporter Voucher [1 Month]: 90,000 Rupees - NOT IN STOCK
    Gold Supporter Voucher [1 Month]: 200,500 Rupees - NOT IN STOCK
    Diamond Supporter Voucher [1 MONTH]: 350,000 Rupees - NOT IN STOCK
    Stable Voucher [Get an extra stable summon for your horse]: 8,500 Rupees - NOT IN STOCK
    Vault Voucher [Get an extra vault page to store your items]: 9,000 Rupees - NOT IN STOCK

    Permeant Dereliction Protection Voucher [Get your res never banned]: 1,000,000 Rupees - NOT IN STOCK [Expires 9/6/17]
    Supporter Gift [Random rank voucher!]: 500,000 Rupees - NOT IN STOCK [Expires 8/1/17]

    Items, Heads, ETC Side:
    All Krysyy Jane Heads - 1,000,000 Rupees - NOT IN STOCK
    Haunted Candy - 150 Rupees - NOT IN STOCK
    EMC Fireworks, Independence Day, ETC. - 50,000 Rupees - NOT IN STOCK
    EMC Weapons (Unused, new) - 45,000 Rupees - NOT IN STOCK
    Holiday Items - 50,000 Rupees - NOT IN STOCK
    Marlix, Momentum, ETC. Drops - 60,000 Rupees - NOT IN STOCK

    2016 EMC Birthday Cake [On sale]: 10,000 Rupees - NOT IN STOCK [Expires 4/6/17]
    2016 Liberty Independence Day Sword [On sale]: 30,000 Rupees - 1 left in stock [Expires 7/4/17]

    Also, if you would like a specific item you can private message me with the items you'd like: www.emc.gs/conversations/hellokittyro.
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  9. Both links work for me. Not sure why you are having trouble.
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  10. He's saying that on some devices it is impossible to click hyper-links. The text addresses you see are fake, she puts the real one into the hyper-link adder.
  11. Yes, so what?
  12. So it's probably advisable to change them to the correct addresses so that they're accessible by all.

    I checked the misc/gems section, I tried to buy some things but your signs are [CHOOSE 1] signs so they don't work. The items are in the other slots, so you may want to change it to [CHOOSE] so that people can choose any item in the chest. There's guides on the wiki and in recent update threads on the front page if you want other details on the new shop signs. I noticed a lot of items out of stock, but going by your original post, you don't have much stock in at the minute any way. Hope this helps!
  13. Oh, yes I know. I have not updated them yet. They will be updated 8/4/16
  14. I suggest you work on fixing your shop and stocking items as I found pretty much nothing to be in stock that has any reasonable demand. By advertising a shop that has no desirable stock and broken signs galore, you are likely just going to make sure that people don't visit you in the future.
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  15. You suggested she fix her shop, which she already stated she'd do in the post you quoted- with a date that has not yet neared. Just thought I'd point this out.

    Also, if my experience with the new shop system is any indicator, the signs will fix themselves as soon as someone tries to use them (maybe she has to be the one to click them, I'm note 100% sure).
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  16. What jkjkjk is stating is that it's probably not worth advertising the shop (clearly with a bump today) if there's nothing there to sell. I know that I, myself, went there because the thread was bumped not so long ago, and nothing was stocked. It's advisable for HKR to stock it before advertising, so that she keeps her customers. Obviously, once it's stocked and in full use, she can advertise it as much as legally allowed in-game and on the forums. She can still do that now, but she may lose customer faith if it's not stocked when she advertises.

    Yes, the signs do fix themselves, but it doesn't have to be her that clicks them - it can be others, too. However, this does not change the fact that her sale chests have items scattered in them, so the sign will still be useless if it changes to [CHOOSE 1]. All the signs need to be re-written (at least for certain items) to [CHOOSE] to allow for items to be taken from various slots.