Oodles of doodles and other stuff~

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  1. Well... Someone suggested that I do this so... Yeah!
    I like to draw random things and sometimes will draw requested stuff (If I feel like it because I'm lazy like that). I've recently taken to drawing pokemon and other creature like things. Umm... Enjoy? :)
  2. *claps happily*
    Why have you not shared your art here before?! It's beautiful!
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  3. Err.. I'm still pretty new to this stuff... I joined about a month and a half ago... I think... >.<
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  4. More!!
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  5. Oh, in that case welcome to the Empire :p
    Other artists are dotted around the place here, just gotta find them~
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  6. This is cool :3
    I'm an ex-artist :p I used to be really good at drawing but these days... nah... I can barely even draw an eye anymore ._.
  7. Flareon.jpg Furret.jpg Eevee.jpg
    Well, these are the pics that I posted already on my profile page..... Pokemon <3
  8. It's decent work..
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  9. Ninetails.jpg
    This is for melk73 :)
  10. Magnemite.jpg Drifloon.jpg I'm so lazy... I should really fix these.
  11. that eevee :D so awsome.
  12. Cool! :D
    Really, they are great!
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  13. More coloured ones? :D
    (not that i don't like the line drawings >.<)
  14. thanks guys :3
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  15. I'll try! I'm not very good at colored ones but I'll do my best!
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  16. Hahah don't feel pressured because I asked! You don't have to do coloured ones. >.<
    Just try and experiment and have fun, you might like it :3
  17. okies~!
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  18. So I found this from a while back... Red Dragon.jpg
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  19. Oh gosh, these are amazing!
    The Furret one's so good! :D
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