On Gravity in the Overworld (word heavy)

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Is this gravitational theory credible?

Absolutely! 9 vote(s) 42.9%
It has several issues, but generally is credible 12 vote(s) 57.1%
  1. It was a comparison, to make things simple, do you have to negativly reply to all of my posts? It could have been said a bit nicer...
  2. I am negative to a lot of peoples posts. I was just clearing some stuff up.
  3. There's another minor flaw with your theory. The objects in orbit are all in geostationary orbit. Without an additional force applied, this can only happen at a given altitude and in the equatorial plane. Yet an object can stay in geostationary orbit anywhere in the MC world without propulsion.
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  4. thats not true , it still exists. when you get to the far lands you will just fall trough the ground. like no-clip mode, and everything will be as clear as day under water.
  5. This is probably the soul reason people want dislike buttons
  6. Pretend that all blocks have minature rocket engines in them.Problem solved.
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  7. Are you doing 1 block = 1 foot (I think it's meter though)
  8. well, u must also realize that the world is, indeed, flat

    Shady manatee says: Yes, Columbus was wrong.
  9. It's meter.
  10. So...then..the MC world isn't infinite...
  11. The visible world is (seemingly) infinite, the buildable world (more physical for us) is, though, rather finite.
  12. Because I feel like busting a myth, here goes. The storybook ending tale told about Columbus in grade school, is largely inaccurate. Despite what most people seem to think, everyone was not so foolish at that time to think the earth was flat, it was widely known at that point in time that the earth was indeed, round. When you see the mast of a ship appear over the horizon before the rest of the ship, it's not that hard to figure out. Pretty much everyone thought Columbus vastly misjudged the size of the planet, but they finally let him set out on his trip to India, with not nearly enough supplies to get there. In fact, if not for accidentally running into America, he would have died. And to his dying day he believed he had made it to India, despite it being pretty obvious that it was a new continent. So yeah, Columbus was wrong, but not in the way most people think.
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  13. You are right, but remember centrifugal force, the immense speed of the rotation on the axis would in theory be able to push the y-axis to such a low level compared to the x and z axises. Creating a very thin oval, appearing to be a line from the foci.
  14. Yes,although farlands exist.
    At a point millions of blocks out, the ground ceases to be solid and you fall into the void to your death.
    Look up minecraft history with narration on YouTube, very interesting.
    Oh yeah, and how big is minecraft.
  15. The approximate 30m blocks of the finite buildable world is about the circumference of neptune. We technically can consider the infinite terrain beyond this point can be considered either a: a mirage, or b: that Steve can hallucinate. :p
  16. 30 meters would be 30 Blocks, so don't forget that.
  17. Well, yeah, but did u no that Old McDonald was a bad speller?

    Shady manatee says:
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  18. -Just a thing before I say this I AM NOT SURE IF THIS HAS BEEN SAID YET-
    For something to orbit such as a tree with no support, it must be falling slower than or at the same speed then the land below it meaning that the tree would float away. A second thing, if the tree could orbit when looking stationary to somebody on the planet, if the tree was in fact orbiting, it would be impossible to chop, so that means It is just the fact that there are no physics in MineCraft.
  19. What i mean by 30m is 30 million meters/blocks
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  20. Thats correct, when you try to axe the tree, the energy exerted from your axe could shift its orbit, in turn making a tree that would run away from you. (A freaky thought :p)