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Crim's res is

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  1. Yeah, I use old internet slang.

    People just automatically call me Crim and assume I am male. Actually "Crim" derives from Crimson Viper, a female Street Fighter character. The rest is obvious. I loves me some SF.

    I've been on EMC for 70-ish days now and people are all astonished that I've opened a mall and have 80 pages of transactions already. It's no big deal.
    I haven't exactly won any awards for design but people say they like what I do.

    Some people find me unintentionally funny. Some people find me unconventionally attractive. I use big words to sound smrt.

    I joined EMC because I love Survival Mode. Something about de struggle fills my life with purpose. Victory means nothing, the fight is everything, as they say.

    My favorite disc is Blocks and I especially like the part about 4 minutes in where it gets all dark and serious. I also love Creative 2 (Blind Spots). You would do well to remember this.

    Here's my res:

    Here's my me:

    1000r to the second person to correctly guess my age.
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  2. Nice to meet you. :) I like the Blocks disc as well, actually. It's amazing to me that you can already have a mall, as I have no sense of business and could never imagine that. :p You seem pretty cool!
  3. Guess your age 32!
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  4. I'm as cool as a cucumber and many times as long.
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  5. I guess people are scared to talk to me. )':

    I know, I look mean.
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  6. Nah, you look fine. Your res is amazing for 80 days! I felt horrible looking at it, seeing as I've been on over 100 and my res is just dirt.. well to be fair it's half cleared out dirt.. but..
    Um, I'll guess that you're 27?
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  7. Welcome to the Empire! Looks like you are fitting in nicely. My age guess is: 26. :)
  8. Welcome to EMC, my age guess is 15.
  9. Hey! Nice to meet ya Crim!
    I would say 'welcome' however I have seen ya around a bit, and even saw your post in the 'show yourself' thread :D
    I grew up on Super Street Fighter II Turbo, on the SNES. Loved that game (ya still do).
    The real question, is what platform, and what version of the game?
    ((every try Super Puzzle Fighter II turbo?))

    I love the analogy you use to compare MC survival to life.
    There doesn't seem to have much of a "point", except what we make of it.
    The struggle, journey, and choices of what we do counts.

    Does this make me smart now? (oh, different king of 'big' words :p)

    Awesome to hear your shop is doing well. Many lose sight of what a shop is (a place to buy and possibly sell).
    If you have a good selection at good prices, you will always do well. Don't matter whether the walls are dirt or quartz.

    I don't know if you use the EMC shop keeper program, but I and love it.
    Loads of features to track sales, inventory, etc.

    Well, hope to see ya in game sometime!
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  10. Hey there! Welcome to the Empire :D
  11. You are my favorite person today.

    Puzzle is one of my faves but I have been playing since the original SNES release all the way up to 4 and MvC3 on PS3 (which I no longer have). My only gaming hardware is my PC, and my SNES. I've kept nothing else.

    No idea! haven't heard of it until now. I haven't really been browsing the forums much.

    Thanks for the replies! I don't think I put this info in my profile so I will tell you, my birthday is tomorrow, 10/23. The game just got harder. :eek:
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  12. Happy Birthday!
  13. u look like a hot grandma so im gonna say you are 49
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  14. Welcome to the Empire. Great to see you doing well with your mall, I'll have to take a look through it. If I had to guess your age, I would have to say your 34.
  15. Second person who guesses right, interesting... If that person ever comes :rolleyes:
    Hm, for the guessing... 33.
  16. Just one question, did you build your city on rock n roll? :)
  17. Yus I did. Right now I'm building it on Legend of Mana OST. c:
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  18. Today is my 100th day.

    No one has won the guessing game yet. :)
  19. Ur 23! Boom I win!