Oleyy's Block'O'Licious Mega Shop

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  1. I just wanted to make a post about this because of some several people always copying what I did. This Oleyy's Block'O'Licous Mega Shop is my shops name so if none copies it I would be happy ... No need to write a reply to this thread.
    (this is a proof of me giving this name to my shop before)
  2. Block'o'Licious* And i'm the founder of that name <3
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  3. Can i say Mine'o'Licious? Or Creepas'o'Licious?
  4. Are you trolling?
  5. Probably he is :D
  6. Well, as long as you don't say Megastore is the same as "Mega Shop", I'll be fine.
  7. You should be always fine since I was he first on smp5 with megashop name
  8. Fyi, I was the first mall. ;P
  9. Mall is like shop but megashop and megastore are really similar :D I dont understand how people are unable to make there own names ...
  10. Hmm "M+D's Wood Products and etc" part of M+D Co.< Orginal naming lol this one would be hard to copy , anyways I like both your shops I mean megashops on Smp5
  11. But I seriously was...
  12. for sure. :D Malls are everywhere atm
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  14. omg I want that building :D can you help me do one and ill pay you for copyright issues :p ?
  15. Build it if you like :)
  16. Thanks :D could you help me to set the basic structure ?
  17. i dont think including general terms like "megashop" or "megastore" in a name can really be called unoriginal, its a descriptive word ya know? if your shop sells literally everything, why shouldnt megastore be in the name? thats what it is.
  18. I should copywrite "enchantment store" and sue half the population of EMC!
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  19. First of all, it is spelled "copyright". Also, it wouldn't be copyright, it would be a trademark. :p
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  20. good point :p
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