New Mega Trade MALL - SMP2, 3423

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  1. d3r3k_fawns and AlexChance's Mega MALL on SMP2! - 3423

    We buy and sell most things! Easy to locate the item you're looking for! Suppliers Shop being created to GUARANTEE everything stays in stock! Free crafting, smelting, max enchanting!
    Specials section near entrance selling stacks of Slime Balls, Bones, Ender Pearls at the lowest, clearance prices!

    We have divided the mall into 4 floors:

    Ground - Wood, Stone, Ores/Minerals
    Floor 1 - Plants, Food and Farming
    Floor 2 - Miscellaneous, (Mob Drops), Nether, Enderstuff
    Top Floor/4 - Technical (Redstone) and Wool of All Colours! (Decoration)

    So next time you're on SMP2, pop on in! :)

  2. texture pack?
    i like it a lot :)
  3. oh thx i will use it xD