Ohhh, the immaturity.

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  1. I got the 'SoulPunisher should be' but not the rest....
  2. Wut?
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  3. i dont get it
  4. "Dead" is the last word.
  5. Wut.jpg I don't get why someone did this...
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  6. It says Soul Punisher should be shot dead. But I'm trying to figure out why someone is screenshotting the page and doodling on it in paint?
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  7. I don't like posting lazily but, what?
  8. This is something called "goggles". You drag it into your bookmarks, and begin invading random webpages drawing whatever you want. Anyone else using "goggles" can see it.
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  9. That sounds........ Interesting. Mischief abound.
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  10. Yeah, after Ninjaboy's post the front page has became a huge mess.
  11. It's always was like that when someone made a thread about it. You can also right-click to erase your things and other people's things as well.
  12. On my nexus so can't get it to see. Could be amusing but I can imagine what most of it is going to be.
  13. Mostly Smilies, LOL, Scribbles and STOP!
  14. Some past members who are banned come back and try to troll us with inappropriate drawings. nfell
  15. come on Soul seems to have troubles with his life already and EMC seems to be his true happy place don't ruin it for him
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  16. I also see the "ME" purple texts
  17. To see true immaturity, use this on any popular website! :D

    ...don't do it. It's not worth it.