Official EMC Show Yourself Thread (2021 Edition)

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  1. Your picture looks great!
  2. This was at Rock and Shock in Worcester MA. Sid Haig from Jackie Brown, House of 1000 Corpses and Devils Rejects. <3 Him! RIP Sid
  3. This is Bill Moseley From House of 1000 Corpses, Devils Rejects and 3 From Hell, also at Rock and Shock in Worcester MA. (My friend Hippie is on the left)
  4. Missing your poster :-(
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  5. Me and my Fiance Tamraaa a EMC member since 2014.
  6. Great pictures so far!

    As you might know I like to only take pictures with another person in, do divide the attention, but with 1.5m distance that is a bit difficult... and I think it would be good to take one of just myself, anyway. The sun's already setting, though, so maybe tomorrow? ;) It has been months since I last went to the hairdresser, and I do not keep up my sideburns myself, so prepare for lots of hair. :p
  7. I hear ya on the hair.
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  8. I hope it goes well, and that you will recover quickly!
  9. Thank you, I'll be in the hospital like 3 days😬. I have a thing called pectus excavatum. I'm getting 2 bars put in my chest, and I'm probably just gonna read, watch marvel movies, and play Minecraft... though not on the first day.
  10. I certainly hope you heal up quickly and this is an improvement on your health and well being. =D Sounds like you've got a good line up of great things to be doing while healing up too. :D
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  11. Yeah, I hope I heal quickly, and I do have a good line of things to do. I'm really into percy jackson books, so I'll be reading those.
  12. I stuck to my intention!

  13. Good luck!! My son has that but they said as long as he doesn't have chest pains it can be like that :S
  14. I CHOSE to get the surgery done. Most people with this don't need it, but they get it done for quality of life.
  15. In case you didn't see my profile page, the surgery was a success!🎉🎉🎉🎈🎈🎈🥳
  16. I think I forgot to do this last year.

    Get out of the shot, cat!