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Who will win?

Poll closed Jun 1, 2015.
ww2fan168, smp7- nominated by gatorgalgames- helps new players and helps community 10 vote(s) 16.7%
MinecraftPro771, smp7- nominated by ww2fan168- helps public 2 vote(s) 3.3%
kevindudeman, smp1- nominated by Kyzoy- helps community and new players 2 vote(s) 3.3%
Eviltoade,smp1- nominated by SponseredByRaj- helps public/community 8 vote(s) 13.3%
JennyPoo10,smp2- Nominated by Nyan_Kat7- always helps everyone 21 vote(s) 35.0%
emeraldstars,smp2- nominated by girllygames2014- always helping to others 2 vote(s) 3.3%
BlackFireSlayer,smp3- nominated by Gage9942- fixes frontier spawn area and area's greifed 3 vote(s) 5.0%
destroyerexodus,smp3- nominated by WhatDoesthefoxsay1-always helps a needing person 1 vote(s) 1.7%
SEPTHEKID,smp4- nominated by darkness656565- helped a new player build his res 3 vote(s) 5.0%
skarecboi, smp4- nominated bydarkness656565- gave advise to new players 8 vote(s) 13.3%
  1. Hello, this award goes to everyone on EMC thats done something GREAT for their community
    - this one has a lot more people
    - reward is everything at /v 14599 and a BlackKnight1021 head
    - Vote in poll, Im not in it this time till nominated
    - two people from each smp, I didn't chose the smp did

    In comments put these players you want as well, ran out of polls
    1.Kyzoy,smp5- nominated by anonymous - helps new players in advise- 1 votes
    2. cadenman2002,smp5- nominated by anonymous- gives good advise
    3.AnonReturns, smp6- nominated by Phelps4- helpful person
    4. Baradar67,smp6- nominated by anonreturns- can win firefly w/out playing
    5.khixan,smp8- nominated by georgeawashington- helpful- 2 votes
    6. ChrisFlareon,smp8- nominated by georgeawahington- helpful person
    7.MatthewDA,smp9- nominated by anonymous- helpful to old and new players
    8.Jdog25,smp9- nominated by crafty pig55772- helpful

    Vote for winner!
    PRIZES :O- everything from /v 14599 in winners chest and a BlackKnight1021 head, and a paper saying you won

    May the best man win the GSA
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  2. Defiantly #5. khixan! :D
  3. Ok, Ill take note of that :D
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  4. Now this is a bit better. =)

    I'll vote Kyzoy, please.
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  5. Ill take note of that :D
  6. I probably shouldn't be on this, I haven't been active since July of '14.
  7. You where nominated so...
  8. My sister is on SMP6... (Emeraldstars)
  9. kk :p, its in poll so vote there, if not put her in text number
  10. JENNYPOO smp7, nominated by me, because she is the best around, and she will never let you down
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  11. She is in poll :p
  12. changes voice

    I vote SkyDragonv8 because he helps people out when they need stone slabs.
  13. Him I didn't know she was your sis XD (Maybe I did idk I don't have good memory XD)
  14. I would ask a mod to make votes not publically visible. the ability to be anonymous is useful :)

    Also, I got a bit of a kick out of the title. Did you check with hashhog3000 or myself to make sure you can use it? You are fine, though.
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  15. Copyrights ! Lol i think you should come up with your own name for this award as Hashog3000 and Olaf_C have worked really hard to create GSA, not creating the name, but making it important , and the GSA of hashhog3000(he posted the thread in 2014) (the creator was Olaf_C) was official because they was the creators... Just saying,. So just coming saying that this is more important than the original GSA is kind of plagiarized (copycat) , and possibly insulting to hashhog

    Though if hashhog and olaf_c are alright with this, then go ahead

    Edit: it stands up for Great Samiritan Award

    Not Samaritarian

    Back to TOPIC: I would like to vote for khixan
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  16. I created the award back in 2013. Hash took over this year :)
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  17. Just talked to ww2fan, and it turns out it was a funny coincidence. It stands for "Great Samaritan Award", and I will take his word for it that he did not plagiarize. As far as I am concerned, the name usage is fine.
  18. -_- *waits for someone to complain about it not being fair* -_-

    Not sure exactly how you are running this but if nominations are open I have a couple of people I would like to nominate on smp7:

    Jesuspower2(always helpful and had a very important role in the community in pricing for the smp)
    Wyntyrreavyn(helps out new players and old, always willing to stop what she is doing to come help)
    Nutriciousbudha(uh... he DID build SMP7's only currently active Super mall, offering almost all items in EMC, absent promos... also he is funny.... looking)
    Pineapple(G)em- helpful player on smp7
    Lauwenmark- transforming smp7's wild into a landscape of beautiful comic book ladies

    Can I make multiple nominations? For the "OFFICIAL" gsa this post isn't very specific with how this works...

    Also, I vote Gawadrolt, smp7. He wasn't nominated but nowhere has it said you can't vote for yourself or that you have to be nominated so I'm just gonna do that.

    Last thing: ww2fan and mcpro were voted by smp7? Who was polled?
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  19. Ok, I went into town chat and asked who should be in GSA polls and this who THEY as the community chose.
  20. So, that means: