Odd Momentus encounter

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  1. As I was doing some building around my outpost on SMP9 last night I had a very unusual encounter with Momentus. I received the standard "The ground shakes nearby..." prompt in my chat bar and then proceeded to gear up and head outside my castle walls for a fight.

    Here's where it gets interesting. Throughout the battle Momentus seemed to be operating on at least double his normal rate of speed. Even the sound of his voice was sped up, sounding much more like an oversized chipmunk than an enormous zombie. (My daughter got a huge kick out of that by the way. ;)) These days I can usually take down Momentus with no more than a single death. This time however, due to the speed of his attacks I was killed at least 5-6 times.

    Two additional items of note:

    1. All of the Enraged Guardians summoned to the fight by Momentus functioned perfectly normal. No extra speed or sound anomalies for them.

    2. I did have a Speed II beacon nearby but was outside of its effective range during the entire course of the fight. I wouldn't think its effects would have played a role at all.
  2. I call hacks :p...Get any good drops?
  3. A few zombie heads, 6 bottles of zombie virus, 2 dragon stone fragments, and some shiny flesh. Not bad.

    Still hoping to get Momentus's Toothpick one day.
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  4. The one that spawned for me also seemed odd. It sounded like a baby zombie and at one point just stopped spawning guardians lol When I killed it there were no tokens awarded. He also spawned half in a wall so we kept sufficating.
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  5. #BlameAikar is all I have to say, because of that new update :p
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  6. im glad for all these glitches, atleast he is spawning now
  7. DubChef and I had one spawn in the middle of a roofed forest yesterday which I've never seen before. He didn't attack at all and didn't spawn any guardians. He also didn't drop anything when he died. I don't like the noise he makes when you hit him, but it's been so long since the last time they spawned on smp8 that I don't remember if there was a different sound before.
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  8. always use a maxxed knockback sword on him, it gets him out of little holes that might mess up your drops
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  9. Before this week I had never encountered Momentus before so I have no reference to go on. But I think you're onto something here: I've fought 3 so far and his voice when hitting him did indeed sound very high pitched.

    When I had set him on fire (voters sword) it even became a little funny.
  10. No tokens from Marlix or Momentus anymore which seems odd (2 Momentus during group, and hearsay on the Marlix but from very reliable person, so....). Odd.
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  11. Anonreturns and I killed a Marlix the same time all this high spawn rate stuff was going on and I got 2,032 tokens so I don't know about the no tokens thing. Kind of seems like a lot thought.
  12. That is weird... but Momentus on speed sounds funny. :p
  13. The same thing happened to me, I was actually going into the frontier to find some momentous or marlix and one actually spawned in the frontier spawn. I had to lead him out of the protected spawn and then he never attacked me. He didn't spawn anything with him. He ended up suffocating in a bridge and he dropped nothing. No tokens or anything.
  14. Because he didn't die by your hands? I believe a player has to kill the mob to receive the drops from special mobs.

    I killed 2 momentus' and a marlix yesterday and got tokens/drops from all of them, don't know why you're experiencing this :/
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  15. I have encountered Momentus over 10 times and have gotten 5 Momentuss toothpick and I have never heard of this one I believe it just lag or hack
  16. You're likely right Deadmaster since both times I was in a group of people. When another player said the same thing, I was like "what what - hey I didn't get any tokens either". Probably someone else got the killing strike and didn't even notice the tokens. I've only kinda... ok no, I totally lost my mind a long long time ago lol. Thanks!
  17. same thats what happened to me
  18. The whole "no tokens" thing... if you're alone or in a group, check what /ps level everyone is at. If you have anyone at a 1 then that could be why. Ensure everyone is at least at a 6 and you should get tokens, at least I did.

    We killed one Momentus where one person was at a 1 and it nerfed everything, no drops, no tokens.
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  19. 1. I don't hack and I don't appreciate the insinuation that I do. I don't even use any mods besides Optifine. I also experienced no unusual behavior of any kind with my player's movements or any other mobs. Only Momentus acted differently so your lag theory doesn't fly either.

    2. Since I joined Empire Minecraft in March of last year I have also killed Momentus around 10 times. Never in any of those was I awarded Momentus's Toothpick. It is a very rare drop.


    I see that you joined EMC just a couple of months ago and that you only have 2,517 lifetime experience points as of the time of this posting. Unless you killed Momentus all those times using an alternate account, I find a 50% return rate on acquiring Momentus's Toothpick to be highly suspect. Maybe it is you who are running hacks, or simply exaggerating.
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  20. I think they meant that momentus was hacking :p Zikko probably built off of skarecboi's post haha