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  1. i have tryed to keep ocelots as pets but when i use spawn eggs you can't tame em untill there adults so i caged them in a fence i went offline and came back on and the was all gone nowhere to be seen. so i decide to build a glass cage thinking the wouldn't be able to escape so i placed 1 ocelot down and disconnected thinking its was when i disconnect they disappear but when i came back online my lil ocelot was still there so i was thinking the glass helped keep it trapped so i placed 2 more down and went to go build (all this is happening on my res and not the wild) after say 45min building i go to check and they gone i have spent quite abit on ocelot eggs and its starting to do my head in cuz it seems im just wasting rupees. can anyone help me out please?
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  2. You do not have to wait for ocelots to grow up- baby ocelots can be tamed the same as adults. You only have to wait for cats to grow up in order to breed them. For tips on taming ocelots, visit this page: http://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Ocelot#Taming. Ocelots will eventually de-spawn in town if not tamed, no matter how you cage them in.
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  3. Now, keep in mind that I'm pretty much an EMC newbie, but I can't resist anyway (considering how Ocelots are my favorite pet too).

    Another way to prevent a mob from despawning is to name it with a nametag. Now; here is where the newbie'ism comes in; I can't be sure if this will also apply for this server, but figured I'd mention it anyway. Hope it can help somehow.
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  4. all sorted now thanks for all your help :)
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  5. I was just about to post the exact same problem, so I'll reuse your thread.
    Did the name tag work?
    I named mine in an anvil, and they still despawned.
  6. Did you like, put the cat on the anvil? Thats just cruel >.>
    maby they are running away because of that
  7. Don't be silly. I chiseled it's name into a cat egg.
  8. If they are untamed and not in a jungle biome, they will despawn is what I found.
  9. Name tags should keep them from despawning. I guess I'll just test it myself.
  10. Another good tip (which I got from another player, who's name I forgot): rename the egg if you're looking to get a cat with a specific name!

    This is much cheaper on you in the longer run. Because once you placed the ocelot it'll start with that specific name. Then you tame it, let it walk around your plot (mine chooses to very often sit on the chest which I use to brew potions. So very helpful indeed...) and the moment you decide that it should get back into his egg (I still need to get used to this feature) then you'll end up with an egg which still has that name!

    So the next time you spawn the ocelot you don't have to worry about getting another nametag.

    Because I don't remember who suggested this to me I'll just say: this tip is courtesy of the smp2 server ;)
  11. I could be wrong, but I think there is a difference between name tags and anvils on EMC. The ocelots renamed in an anvil despawned, but so far the ocelots renamed with name tags have not. We'll see if they keep existing.
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  12. no i kept goin up to them with the fish i didnt realise i had to stand back and hold the fish and w8 for them to come to you b4 u feed them fish thats how i tamed them and they aint despawned :)
  13. Let us know if they do. I tamed my ocelots to keep them on my res but I would love to keep them as ocelots for my zoo if I can keep them from de-spawning.
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  14. I had the same goal. So far the area has been free of players for hours and had players for hours, and my name tagged ocelots have not despawned. I'll post here if that changes.
    The anvil-named ocelots despawned pretty quickly.
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  15. Ok, I had 2 ocelots named with name tags and one named something different with an anvil all at the same time. The anvil one disappeared, but the other 2 are still alive and kickin'.
    It seems like anvil-renaming does not prevent despawning the way name tags do.
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