Ocean level rising in waste??

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  1. At SMP7 Waste NE the ocean level is a whole block higher than it used to be. Is this a bug? Someone using a mod? I can't imagine someone placed all that water block by block or why they would. Is it climate change in the Empire?
  2. It’s 110% climate change and global warming
  3. Yeah really weird. Took a ride with a boat and found that there is a quite large area of sea which is raised one level. And there is a clear cut line with "high seas" going around spawn, didnt go round all of it. Found out you cant go uphill in a boat :D

    Perhaps some kinda of spawning error. Perhaps you'd better let the devs know about it so it wont affect the update.
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  4. *Checks date*
    Hm. :p
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  5. wouldnt know.. from mars, myself
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  6. What's interesting with the date?
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  7. If someone manually placed water like this, props!

    Likely an ss mistake when fixing an area though.

    I'll look after I get my comp set back up. Currently moving office around
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  8. What it looks like to me is a second layer of ice blocks was laid down and then broken converting the ice blocks back to water and since the ice blocks were on y64 the water level thus appears now one y level higher than normal.
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  9. So I was bored one day on emc and yes I did it myself :rolleyes:
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  10. the ice blocks like i thought or water buckets?
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  11. Water buckets just placing them
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  12. It not all hard to do. With a lot less ice then you may think, laid in a large L shape. You can make a water source over a very large area.:eek: With that said, It wasn't me!

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  13. Really? But.....why? I thought I was one of the most boring players filling creeper holes and taking down floating trees :D

    I raised the jetty a block so it's usable again.
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  14. Props
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  15. This seemed like a great idea for an April Fool's joke. ;) Maybe over the days it would slowly rise further, and then start on other servers too. :D Might wreck some stuff though, which staff wouldn't want to do, and could be considered griefing if done by players. It also would be hard to clean up on April 2nd. :p
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  16. Absolutely would be... of course this year is a leap year.. so it actually moves it up a day and is March Fools Day.
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  17. Much harder to clean up. For instance a guardian farm can take days or even weeks to empty, with the ice trick filled in a matter of minutes.:D
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  18. It certainly baffled me! :p Is a bit grief-y though if the water level goes up and up and floods other structures. That takes some patience, water is the worst!
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