Obsidian Farming 1.9

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  1. Not sure if many people know about this...

    After spawning the enderdragon, the obsidian spawns back. If you went with a group to the end, set up a haste 2 beacon. You can get 3-4DC of obsidian each respawn by my calculations of estimation.

    Edit: It only costs 4 ghast tears, 4 eye of ender, and 28 glass per respawn.

    Of course theres probably easier ways but figured I'd let those people who were interested know about it.

    Thats all from me... just a basic post. /Stew out
  2. *slow claps*
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  3. Wow I never thought about doing that, good idea!
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  4. So almost 1 tower per mincer.. I'm down for that. I only need 5-6 DCs.
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  5. will bump this since we go 1.9 tomorrow.
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  6. Umm what :O
    I haven't played in awhile we go 1.9 tomorrow? :D
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  7. Well, we are 1.9 now... gonna bump it :)
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  8. Best way to mine obsidian ever! no lava worries.... And every time someone respawns the dragon I get to do it again!
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  9. This sure beats working with automatically generated nether portals :) Nice find Stew!
  10. Honestly, I didn't find it. Xisuma was thinking out loud in one of his Hermitcraft episodes and said he needed to test his theory. I tested it and there it is :p. And yeah, its wayyy better than any other method... aside from afk obsidian farms which we cant have on EMC ofc.
  11. Xisumavoid!!! One of the best youtubers, in my opinion.... He actually did test it in the dragon fight, when he broke 2 blocks and they respawned. (I think) Anyways, I got a dc from this already! and only took down around 1-2 towers. This is because the towers actually go really low into the island, so it's much longer than you might think. Thanks for making a post on this Stew!