[NOW] Hamster's Bored | Let's give away an Aikar head

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  1. TL;DR: Come in mumble and sing for an Aikar PvP head! :D
    Hamster and B4DMANSIMONE present:

    I am bored. I also have an Aikar head (apparently these things are worth lots). Let's give it away. :D

    Hop into mumble (emc.gs) and join community 2 to sing. Once you're in, please don't talk and stuff since there might be people singing (and if you do, you can expect to NOT be present for the rest of the karaoke). Then, post below with the song you want to sing, and we'll go through the list of people, let them sing in order, and all that stuff.

    Winner will be decided by a poll, and will receive an Aikar PvP head. Yay :D.

    Questions and stuff can be posted below, as well as you saying the song you want to sing. We'll start when we have a decent amount of people there, and people will go in order of post below. Good luck!

    Note: if you swear, bad things will happen. Clean versions pl0x.

    To get mumble please refer to http://emc.gs/mumble
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  2. FIRST. sounds awesome
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  3. I can see this becoming insanely funny.
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  4. Why'd you think I did it? :p
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  5. By that I meant I can foresee opera titles popping up. Windows will be shattered.
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  6. Btw, if we're not finished before mob arena somehow, that's the cutoff time.
  7. I might log on just to hear people sing :p
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  8. You should - need people to vote. :p
  9. If you'd like to hear hilariousness, I'd come on mumble. :p
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  10. Downloading (yay laptop reset) and logging on soon
    Don't expect me to talk tho, this mic is tragic
  11. Baby baby baby - bloodra1n 2014
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  12. I has no microphone.. :oops:
  13. I will vote!... This is so intresting right now LOL
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  14. If you have a phone or iPod Touch you might be able to use that?
  15. If only I knew what mumble was...
  16. Wow. Sounds amazing! I still need someone to introduce me to mumble though... Still too embarassed to talk
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  19. The EMC Daily Sun
    Breaking News!
    Empire Moderator ninjaboy5656 died today at noon,
    EMC time. When witnesses were asked about the
    death, AliceF3, samsimx, and bloodra1n all said the same
    thing. "It was the hamster's fault. He just smiled nice and
    wide with an evil glint in his eye and said, 'It's boogy
    time.' Next thing you know poor ninjaboy5656
    has died of laughter. Something inside him just...
    burst!" After numerous reports of the same story,
    police chief and Empire admin Maxarias is now
    leading an investigation on the hamster
    JackBiggin, whose whereabouts are
    currently unknown. Maxarias proclaims,
    "Don't worry, we'll find him. And when we do,
    we'll burn his fur off until we get some answers."
    The only evidence thus far is a rare Aikar head
    which was located in the home of JackBiggin.
    Authorities think that it was the head of an earlier
    victem that the hamster intend to dumped into
    innocent hands in order to decrease suspicion.
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  20. I volunteer as a tribute!
    ps: I'm probably going to regret this XD
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