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  1. Hi Empire!
    I have a mod that is very helpful for setting minecraft noteblocks. It's a litemod so you need to get liteloader. As it states, it Displays on "Right click counts" and pitch.

    Now this video explains on you can change the instrument, I have tested this myself and it only works on creative mode.

    Now I want to make sure this mod is acceptable for using it's automatic set pitch feature. Single player is instant but in multiplayer is slower.

  2. Watching thread... on cell and would like this mod.... I wold suggest pming this thread to ss or above. I got chin to approve the auto craft mod.
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  3. This is already an approved mod. Http://
    We don't really monitor this forum section ( actually needs removed sometime)
  4. I need glasses or something...

    The text tends to get jumbled with that dark background a orange color text. But that is just me
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  5. I used this mod to create this. :)
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