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What's your favorite thing about the server?

It's fun. 11 vote(s) 47.8%
It's a great community . 20 vote(s) 87.0%
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  1. Hey guys! I'm Sassychick356 wow that's so obvious..

    Anyways I am proud to be part of this community and to interact with people. Everyone is so welcome and generous I just cant help but be so talkative on the town chat. I'm still working on the commands for shops and stuff and I'm already starting on my shop! I'm gonna be gathering resources from the Nether and bringing it back to sell potions for a reasonable price. I hope all of you guys have a great day and love this server as much as I do. Thank you :D
  2. Welcome to EMC :DDD If you love the nether and love Rupees. Then gather quartz :)
  3. Thank you! I will be going there soon.
  4. Welcome!
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  5. Its me meerkat! I remeber you join like an hour ago. EMC is fun, Its almost nearly my year aswell.
    Welcome and enjoy what emc has to offer! :D
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  6. Thank you and that's a cool quote of the day!
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  7. Hey I just followed you! Your cool Meerkatman!
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  8. Hey there, welcome to the Empire sassychick! Make sure to check out the Wiki or ask other players for help if you are unsure about all of the commands still, they take a bit of getting used to! I was useless at them when I first started but I've been using them all like second nature for over two years now... If you need any help with them, feel free to ask me. Have fun here at the Empire, good day! :)
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  9. Welcome to EMC! If you got any questions, don't be shy about asking!
    Woo, brave for nether-ing.

    Be sure to have an enderchest and some fire resistance potions. (and a silk touch pix to pick up the enderchest).
    My first trip to the nether, well my first 'real' one I found a fortress, and found some diamond and gold horse armor. I was so happy. Then I decided to walk around a corner to avoid a ghast, and promptly ran where there was no 'floor' and plummeted right down into the lavas below. Cruel first nether lesson. Aww, fond memories.

    Anyhow, see ya around!
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  10. Welcome! :)
    This server is set up greatly by current and former staff, but what I love most about it is probably the amazing community. There are so many really great people to talk with! :D
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  11. Welcome to the Empire sassychick. From the sounds of it I'm sure you will enjoy your stay. :)
  12. Welcome to EMC
  13. I've already seen you around, but ask me if you need any help or anyone to come to the Nether with you!
  14. Welcome to the Empire! :)
  15. Welcome to EMC! Hope you'll enjoy your stay. :)
  16. Welcome to EMC! :) Oh, and there will always be a noob in all of us ^-^
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  17. Hello and welcome, my friend.
  18. A late reaction, I know, but ever since I noticed your nick I had to grin a little bit (no offense!) and felt like responding. Then work and other stuff happened and before I knew it was weekend. But I don't forget those things 8)

    SO yah, welcome to the Empire; I hope you're going to like your stay. Also hope to see you online this weekend so that you can fully (further) secure your residence (either that or /vote for our server). Reason I mention this is our derelict policy, please keep this well in mind; esp. when you just started.

    I noticed you landed on smp8 and well... Ha, I think that could be a very fitting server to be on 8)
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  19. WELCOME! :) EMC is a great community and we are proud to have to be a part of it! I'll see ya around sometime in the server! ;)
  20. I just walked past a mirror and pointed and laughed and said 'noob!' but then I realized what I just did! (hehe)

    Heh ya good tip, or just log in to play. Check your derelict status with /p player (type your name in for 'player') or just play or log in every day!

    Gives us another reason to derp on smp8! Woo!
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