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Which consoles are your favorite?

Color TV Game 4 vote(s) 5.8%
Nintendo Entertainment System 18 vote(s) 26.1%
Super Nintendo Entertainment System 19 vote(s) 27.5%
Nintendo 64 28 vote(s) 40.6%
Nintendo GameCube 23 vote(s) 33.3%
Wii 28 vote(s) 40.6%
Wii U 7 vote(s) 10.1%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Feel free to post anything and everything about Nintendo!

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  2. I think the first Nintendo Console was a N64 that my brother got when we were little.
    Yup... Got me hooked on games from then on. xD
  3. 1. That was freakin' awesome!
    2. Twilight Princess was my favorite LoZ because of the darkness and realism. I really want to see Nintendo make a completely realistic LoZ, I want to see blood and gore.
    3. I will not buy a 3DS until Animal Crossing gets a release date.
    4. I think Nintendo should stop making consoles and just make games.
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  4. Same! I just love Animal Crossing, I have both for the Wii and the old DS! :D
  5. HaHa I have all three Animal Crossings(yes I know 4 were released in Japan). I just hope they fix the depleting grass problem from City Folk.
  6. What si your prob THER IS NO 3DS
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  7. What?...
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  8. Won't happen. Nintendo is a "family-friendly" company, they don't make such games.

    Might happen. That's what happened to SEGA, once they lost the race. Nintendo hasn't exactly lost anything yet, but the Wii was a disappointment compared to the two other game consoles, especially when it comes to graphics and the number of games available.

    I got my first gaming console in 1989, a Nintendo Entertainment System, when I was 3 years old. I still remember the first night, when my dad came in with the NES, hooked it up, and played Super Mario Bros. My first meeting with an electronic game... you could easily say I grew up a gamer, haha. :p
  9. The 3ds?
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  10. I did not say it would happen I said I wanted it to.
  11. I see what you mean now.
  12. I cant tell if ur being sarcastic
  13. 3DS sucks it just a waste of money. Btw Gameboy colour for the win
  14. No the 3DS is the very best and so us gameboy, i have both
  15. I'm not being sarcastic.
  16. I'll get for the games not because the hardware is good. By games I mean Professor Layton, Ace Attorney, Animal Crossing, and Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward( I want a release date on that so bad).
  17. Where is this thread going?
  18. I don't see how you can say this. Some prefer the cartoonish graphic style( I take this style over any "realistic" style of shading) and I honestly say it has a better game library then ps3/360.
  19. plus the Wii was a best-seller. Kicked ass in sales. I don't like it myself, but that doesn't mean Nintendo didn't clean house.