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Is an argument between two vegans still considered a 'beef'? :p

Yup. 8 vote(s) 32.0%
Nope. 2 vote(s) 8.0%
Chicken. 15 vote(s) 60.0%

  1. What's happening everyone? I am Polymerized and I am here to stay. Been looking around for some nice servers and I landed on this one. I was immediately welcomed and shown the ropes. So that proves that this is the kind of server I wanna be a part of. :D My home is on Smp7 at 14050. I hope to put a nice Casino there or something cool like that. Though I wanna have a place in the future to give back to the community like a drop party room or something nice. Giving back to the community that supports me makes me happy and gives me purpose. :)

    I am currently a freshman in college and working towards getting a bachelors of science in Earth Science with a focus of Geology. I love videogames and chatting with friends. I play Guild Wars 2 and Roblox outside of Minecraft.

    My favorite thing about Minecraft is how virtually anything is possible. I love to build with others, hunt mobs, survive in the wilderness, anything at all! I hope to be a good addition to the community. I hope to make lots of friends here to last.

    My favorite mineral in Minecraft is iron. I love iron because it makes nice blocks for building, is fairly common in the wild, and is used to build Iron Golems which protect you and other mobs from harm. My favorite mob is hard to pick, as I am Polymerized. My skin is made of a ton of hostile mobs. My head is half Slime half Enderman. My hood is a Ghast with the tentacles going down my back and arms. I wear the Zombie's shirt, though it is torn up a bit hehe. My torso is half Creeper half Blaze. My arms are Spider arms. My legs are half Skeleton and half Witch. Though the purple skirt was torn as well hehe. :D

    But my favorite hostile mob is the Slime. I love the noise they make as they jump. They are so cute. In the Smash Mobs server it is actually pretty destructive. I love the fact that they split as you cut them. Finally, I love them as well because they make Slime blocks that you can bounce on and they make sticky pistons which are insanely helpful. :rolleyes:

    My favorite peaceful mob is probably the pig. Because when they are struck by lightning, they become zombie pigmen. They are ridable, though now with horses that has become less useful but no less funny lol. Plus, they are adorable. :p

    Anything else you wanna know about me? Post it below! I will answer everyone, though if it is strange, I might reply with a strange reply haha. Oh, and post your favorite mineral, hostile mob, and peaceful mob below so I get to know y'all as well. ;)

    EDIT: Had to fix the picture. Didn't work right with the website I used to upload it heh.
  2. Hi Polymerized. Welcome to the Empire. I agree that this is a great server. Probably the best one I've played on. Lots of great and friendly people to help out. Enjoy your stay. :)
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  3. Considering the poll you put up, I think you and I will get along swimmingly.

    Welcome to EMC. :D
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  4. Welcome to EMC! From that Poll, I can tell your going to be a Fun Guy.
  5. Nice to meet ya
    The slime really is a fan favourite :p

    Good luck in college :)
  6. Welcome to The Empire! Love that long post! Keep making those and you'll go really far here on the forums. Heck, do anything you just did and you'll be amazed at all the spam likes and alerts you get. I like your skin and name, also -- very creative. I might name my alt something like "Hydrolysized", if you can pick up on what that means. (Shouldn't bee too hard.)

    Well, I'll see you around!
  7. Welcome to EMC Polymerized! I've played on many MC servers myself and this one is definitely the best. :D
  8. Welcome to the Empire! :)
  9. Great to have you here on the Empire! ;)
  10. Hi there, welcome to the Empire.

    Big game hunter eh? Well, let us know how well you fare against Momentus if you encounter him. It's one of the custom mobs on EMC; a mini-boss. It'll draw you in, send guardians after you and well... Help get you a really good time (depending on your definition on that).

    Hope you're going to enjoy here!
  11. Welcome. smp4 for the win
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  12. Tyvm. I have already hung out with dozens of people and havent gotten to go to the wilderness yet haha. I enjoy playing with others.
    I like your username and profile icon. I do hope we get along well. Don't want to be on the bad side of a moderator hehe.

    Did you pick Chicken as your response? I figured I would put that choice because reasons. :p

    I bet people pick Slime a lot. Its been a trend recently or something where people are starting to see the value in slimes or something lol. And tyvm!

    Hmm. An interesting name choice. I assume it is a pun off of water and hydraulics as in machinery? If so, your skin could be a giant washing machine. :p Let me know if I am not even close lol.

    Noice. Good to know. :)

    Ty ty. :) Love Penguins of Madagascar <3

    I love the profile pick! And ty! :)

    Yes. I do plan to test myself against the minibosses here. I loved fighting the wither and ender dragon in survival, so it will be fun to do it here to. I see there is a difficulty or something so I think I will get a nice challenge here heh.

    Smp4 huh? Well it sounds interesting by your signature you got there. I will have to check those out. :)

    Glad to meet each and every one of you! Ty so much for posting on my thread! Means a lot to meh! :D
  13. Hydrolysized

    Root word: Hydrolysis

    Water Split/Cut/Divide

    Something like that... I do see where you got hydraulics from, though. The skin would have something to do with water, though. Maybe some sort of textured blue with a crack going across it? Or a water bucket on the front and scissors on back? Dunno.
  14. Welcome to the empire!!! ;)
  15. oohhhh you better stay longer than five nights >:3
  16. It looks like Captain Jack Sparrow wants nothing to do with you. :p
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  17. Welcome to emc! Your skin is awesoooome man!

    May SMP4 bless you, amen.
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  18. On behalf of smp4, I bless you.

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  19. I feel like there is some joke that I am not aware of with Smp4. Though I like Smp4 a lot. There are certain residences that I particularly like heh.
    Tyvm! :)
    Most certainly. I have played all the FNAF games and beaten them. Though I have never beaten 20/20/20/20 heh.
    What? lol
  20. Welcome to the Empire, Poly! I hope that you are enjoying your time here, if you have any questions then feel free to ask! :)