[News] Shocking Interview With Mojang About Modding API

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  1. first the worst ;_;

    oh and btw i died while watching ok
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  2. his laugh is too good
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  3. i think i just died xD
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  4. "Mojang is worth 2.5 billion dollars...

    ...And we've still not fixed boats"

    *Continuous laugh that makes you laugh*

    Honestly, this is the best thing :p
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  5. Just...
    Its soo true...
    Oh and when I went on youtube to see this vid I saw this...

    Also, let me guess, you got to that video from Mumbo Jumbo commenting on it?
  6. Definitely worth watching through the whole video.

    Dat laugh... :D
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  7. /r/minecraft actually.
    I went back on to the video and saw all the new comments too.
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  8. sweden's cameras are outdated

    or whatever country mojang is in
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  9. And...
    "When the Modding API is done..."
    "The players will update it for us!"
    "They can fix Boats!"
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  10. This is hilarious...

    Best part for me is that sometimes it actually sounds as if he's really saying "Bukkit" :p

    If you'll excuse me; gonna watch again :p
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  11. XD That laugh though. HEE HEE HEE HEEEEE
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  12. As a person who's first language is spanish I can assure you this is 100% legit
  13. Btw, the color is #2A2A2A ;) Yo dawg you found my message
  14. That's the laugh that you don't want to hear outside your window at 3 AM
  15. Okay?
  16. Completely different if you can understand Spanish ;P
  17. I am learning Spanish so yea, I didn't understand anything....
    What is it about?
  18. Something about going to the beach. I don't understand one word that he says, so the punchline is not understandable :/