[News] Minecraft adds weight

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  1. Recently, Dinnerbone has released this image to introduce the new Minecraft weight mechanic.

    The more you weigh, the more momentum you have. He tested this by giving himself varying weight and standing on ice. Pretend the weight has 5 stages:
    Stage 1: You do not affect anything. Just like normal playstyle
    Stage 2: You are a smidge slower, and you put cracks in ice
    Stage 3: You are more slower and you put more cracks in ice
    Stage 4: You break the ice and you walk very slowly
    Stage 5: You break the ice, you move very slowly, and you cannot swim.

    He has released this information over time. Here is the hunger stats based on Fat Points (FP)
    The more the points, the more the weight you gain.
    Meat: 5
    Cake, Cookie, Pie, and Bread: 7
    Fruits and Veggies: 2

    You can burn weight be running around and swimming. He plans to make this effect the elytra's flying capabilities soon.

    This is a pretty hefty update.

    This post was 100% a lie. The picture is real, it has nothing to do with weight.
  2. Yeah, sure... :p
    Source? ;)
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  3. I like my fruits and veggies, so I guess I would be skinny. :p
  4. On his twitter it said something about a new enchantment and that picture was included so i don't think that's the weight, i could have misunderstood it though. :p
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  5. Made the fine print more visible. :p
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  6. Time to go back to weight watchers.
  7. What is this hard to see sentence? lol
  8. Dang ninja
  9. Minecraft is soo messed up. I quit
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  10. Dont quit!
    edit: did not see the jk till i hit post lol
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  11. I look forward to opening the first weight watchers on EMC
  12. Still, though: a well written post, and a quite believable one too! (like, about as believable as a good april fool's joke)
  13. Actually, some sort of weight system wouldn't be that bad. Not like what was presented in the OP, though, but measuring the weight through items carried. For example, carrying an inventory full of feathers will weigh you down less than having an inventory of bricks.

    Just a thought.
  14. Very believable post, nice one Sky :rolleyes:
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  15. Too lazy to use weight watchers? I gotchu, imma be offering gastric bypass surgery
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  16. Imo sounds like Minecraft is becoming a slight bit more realistic.

    (I don't like the idea of weight)
  17. lol, shouldn't this have been posted in Minecraft discussions, rather than Misc?
  18. It's a joke thread so it's not ;)
    It would be in Minecraft discussion if it was real but it's fake so it makes more sense to be in Misc I suppose...
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  19. So, if we weigh too much, we will break the ice? Minecraft is getting weirder. :eek:
  20. I put it in misc because this thread is essentially garbage. Why flood a good forum with garbage?
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