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  1. :cool: Hey all I joined yesterday, I was looking for a quiet server where I could play survival and possibly meet people to play with and hopefully this is the place. I think the custom mobs are pretty cool and have already defeated 2 anyway hope to see you all around, back to the game!
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  2. First of all welcome to the Empire ;)

    Quiet server you say, well; depending on the time (and the server you're on; EMC consists of several) it may actually turn out a whole lot noisier than you may want to ;)

    Noisy meaning the in-game chat of course. So just to try and help you out a bit (maybe unneeded, but I can't help myself); keep in mind that you can turn every bit of the in-game chat on or off. Its what I came to like very much about this server...

    So, say that you logged on and your fellow 'townies' (people who are online on the same server as you) are chatting a lot. While you were actually planning on building your house without all that distracting commotion ;)

    So for example: /chat off. Using this command you won't see any chatter at all and can fully focus in your own things in game. Of course; I would recommend against this because it can also make things very dull again ;)

    But there's more. Don't like seeing all this join & depart messages? (these really annoy me sometimes). Not to worry: /chat status off. And presto! Now you'll only see chatter without all the extra "noise". (you can turn it back on using: /chat status on).

    One last command which you may find helpful.. Sometimes the town channel ("T", this is where most of the chatter is going on) can be really noisy indeed. Now, lets say that you do want to keep informed about the economy (people selling / buying items) but not the chit chat....

    Also easily done: you can ignore channels. So, for example: /chat hide t. No more chit chat, and only things which matter. You can turn that on again using: /chat show T.

    Just some commands which you might find useful.

    I hope you'll have a great time, never hesitate to ask if there is stuff you don't understand and most of all.. Have a great time!
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  3. Welcome Vile_1 to EMC and as ShelLuser explained in the above post there is much to do and much different commands here on EMC to use!
    Have a great time here and what server are you settling on?
  4. Welcome to The Empire! Make sure to read The Empire Wiki (accessed with the "wiki" button at the top of this page) for lots of useful information.

    Happy Gaming!
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  5. Welcome to the forums and the Empire Vile. A great server to meet people and play the game. Have fun. :)
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  6. Welcome to EMC! :)
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  7. Welcome to Empire Minecraft; I see you've already met your new addiction ;)

    If you ever need help with something, please check the Wiki. I and other Contribution Team members (and the other higher up staff members, of course :p) are always open to your asking for help if you're ever in need of it and your answer can't be found on the Wiki. :)
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  9. Welcome to the Empire! :)
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  10. Yes Im settling on smp4 and can you give me a link to the commands please?
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  11. Haha cant live w/o the wiki :p
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